Real World Business Analysis

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Real-world Business Analysis

The Business Model3
Uncontested Market Space Strategy—First Pass3
General Force and Customer Analysis4
Customer Analysis5
Relative Core Competency and Resource Analysis7
Metrics Tactical Plan10
General Approach to Leadership and Culture13
Six Paths Analysis15
Strategy Canvas Analysis17
Four Actions Grid Analysis20
Noncustomer Analysis21
Buyer Utility Map22
Price Corridor Analysis24
BOI Index Table25
Three E Fair Process Analysis27

The Business Model
Peach mobile provides Telecom and Internet service to the consumer and corporate customers in Jamaica. Peach mobile’s mission is to equip every home and office in Jamaica with voice and data connectivity.

Peach mobile provides communication services to three million Jamaican public. Peach mobile offers products and services that enable the Jamaican public to connect each other and with global public. This is an age where communication impacts almost every stage of social and personal life of every human. The high quality network infrastructure developed by Peach mobile delivers world class customer experience to Jamaican public. Peach mobile achieves customer traction by first to the market and offering best value to every dollar customer spent. Peach mobile differentiate its service by the customer experience it provides. The stores and customer support executives maintain the policy “walk working”. The policy makes sure the customer who contacts the store or an agent with a problem leaves the store or call with the problem resolved. Uncontested Market Space Strategy—First Pass

Creating a space that would utilize the company’s strength (Hammel & Prahlad, 2005) is crucial in avoiding “bloody Red Ocean”. Kim and Mauborgne argue “Success comes, not from battling competitors, but from making the competition irrelevant by creating ‘blue oceans’ of uncontested market space” (Kim & Mauborgne, 2005, p. 24). Peach mobile has the potential to create a “unique space that is off the map”. Peach mobile has land line, internet, and mobile products in its portfolio. The competition is limited in their product offering where all the three products are not in their portfolio and cannot be acquired due to current market regulations. The demand for internet service and mobile communication are increasing month on month while the landline still remains a hugely profitable business. A product suite under a single label that would offer these well complemented services at a competitive rate can provide a unique product that utilizes the company’s strength. Competitor would find it hard to match such a product while customer can benefit from the additional value Peach mobile can offer. Peach mobile would need repositioning of its products as customer value products to gain customer traction. General Force and Customer Analysis

The working cultures in every market is changing and moving towards a global culture. The high cost of maintaining the offices and people desire to be free and enjoy the work is moving more and more companies to adopt a work from home culture. The critical elements in making this happen are effectiveness of the communication. This presents Peach mobile an enormous opportunity to capitalize with its services in land line, high speed internet and mobile communication.

Jamaica has a significant diaspora population. The diaspora still maintains a good relation with relatives and friends in Jamaica and often supports the local relatives and friends financially. Peach mobile can look this as an opportunity to boost the airtime selling. Peach mobile could be selling airtime to diaspora public that are loaded in local Peach mobile phone account for various communication needs.

Jamaica is one of the top tourist destinations. The roaming charges for communication are quite high for the tourists. Peach mobiles can develop roaming partners to develop products that would...
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