The Importance of Communication in the Business World

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  • Published: January 7, 2011
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The Importance of Communication in the Business World
The Importance of a positive organizational culture is communication. Creating a positive culture is not an easy task. Companies today need to develop feedback mechanisms to provide a reality check on management’s beliefs about the perception of its employees. In this paper, I will examine the importance of communication in the business world and some of the ways in which companies can improve their communication skills. I will also discuss how communication barriers led to the loss of my past job as a bank teller and how breaking these communication barriers could have prevented the loss of my job. Communication is very important when trying to create a positive and effective work environment. It is important for employers and employees to be able to communicate with one another comfortably. “Feedback mechanisms can: serve as devices to learn and respond constructively to employee problems and seek to create a climate of openness in which employees do not fear directing their questions, suggestions, or complaints to the attention of management. Also by attempting to remove the barriers to upward communication created by lower level management reporting only what they think top management wants to hear” (Grensing-Pophal, L., 2010, pg. 99). Communicating facts and information to employees about the future, growth, and barriers to profitability that the organization is experiencing can also help break the communication barrier between management and employees. By supplementing and validating overall supervisor and/or employee relationships and by taking corrective action when necessary can benefit both management and employees. Communicating more effectively helps employees with job-related and sometimes personal issues because personal issues are often barriers to employee productivity. Companies have a variety of feedback and communication mechanisms they can use, but for these to be effective they must be...
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