• Bharat Sevak Samaj
    [pic] http://planningcommission.nic.in/plans/planrel/fiveyr/1st/1planch8.html 17. The constitution of the Bharat Sevak Samaj and the National Advisory Committee for Public Cooperation in August 1952, are important preliminary steps recently taken for securing public cooperation on a nationwide bas
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  • Study of Youth for Seva (Ngo)
    REPORT ON STUDY OF YOUTH FOR SEVA EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The structural arrangement of an organisation plays a key role in its success. To identify the lacunas in the structural arrangement, a thorough understanding of the organisation is required. The structural arrangement discussed here is
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  • Contribution of Swami Dayanand in the Field of Arya Samaj
    Contribution of Swami Dayanand in the field of Arya Samaj Swami Dayananda's creation, the Arya Samaj, unequivocally condemns, animal sacrifice, ancestor worship, pilgrimages, priest craft, offerings made in temples, the caste system, untouchability, child marriages and discrimination against wome
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  • Arya Samaj
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