• Elj V1Is1 Givens
    of the organization. The purpose of this literature review is to investigate the impact of the transformational leadership style on organizational outcomes and the personal outcomes of the follower. This review examines the following organizational outcomes: organizational citizenship behavior...
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  • Strategy
    organizational experiments (evidenced in the review by Warner 1981) is the literature on program evaluation (Weiss 1973; Rossi and Freeman 1989), where in effect a program is an experiment even though that is not its purpose. Of course from this literature we do not find much insight into why or...
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  • Sales Promotion - This Activity Is Best Described as a Specific, Usually Short-Term, Promotion That Is ‘over and Above’ What You Would Normally Provide to the Customer (E.G. Buy One, Get One Free). When Used Effectively,
    Literature review Effect of organizational culture on organizational performance Engr.Hafeez Ur Rehman BS Electronics Engg. UCET IUB MS Electrical Engg. UET Lahore MBA Exec. VU Pakistan Abstract: The objective of this review article is to demonstrate the relation between two...
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  • Change - a Literat Ure Review

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  • Perception and Its Impact on Communication, Power and Politics in Organizations
    , political behavior and power provides a direct relationship that give impact to an organizations. Therefore, the goal of this study is to describe the issue, analyze the problems faced and the discussion of previous proposal that have been made. Literature Review PERCEPTION AND ITS IMPACT ON...
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  • Trust Between Management and Workers
    organizational context: A review of the organization-based self-esteem literature. Journal of Management, 30: 591-622. Schoorman, F. D., Mayer, R. C., & Davis, J. H. 2007. An integrative model of organizational trust: Past, present, and future, Academy of Management Review, 32: 344-354. Seibert, S. E...
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  • Employee Engagement
    and fields of study. Seminal works on the topic were identified and reviewed to gain an understanding of the topic’s development.A working definition is proposed and implications for theory, scholarship, and organizational practice are discussed. Keywords employee engagement, literature review...
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  • Strategy Making Processes
    Management Review. http://www.jstor.org ? Academy of Management Review 1992, Vol. 17, No. 2, 327-351. AN INTEGRATIVE FRAMEWORK FOR STRATEGY-MAKING PROCESSES STUART L. HART University of Michigan Most prior literature on strategy making has focused on a limited set of themes (e.g., rationality...
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  • Imran
    psychological contract breach on employee’s job performance, job satisfaction and employee’s citizenship behavior have been focused by the scholars (Rousseau 2001; Tekleab & Taylor 2003; Thomas, Au & Ravlin 2003). Literature review indicates that job performance has not been independently...
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  • Organizational Citizenship Behavior (Ocb)
    through comprehensive literature review whereas qualitative research method is employed to explore the association. A model has presented by the researchers elaborating organizational citizenship behavior and its significant relation with Job satisfaction and commitment, employee engagement and human...
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  • Leadership Style
    review the literature on organizational learning and leadership. Leadership styles 59 Organizational learning and leadership A review of the leadership literature (e.g. Bass, 1990, 1999; Bycio et al., 1995; Zacharatos et al., 2000) indicates that there are hundreds of studies on measurement...
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  • Leadership
    . Decisions about effectiveness are bound to be situational and contingent upon the definition and perspectives of those making the judgment. A review of literature shows that managerial effectiveness has been studied with three perspectives: 1. Traditional/Conventional perspective 2...
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  • A Study on Causes of Attrition
    ) Managing Employees in Service Sector: A literature Review, Journal of Business and Psychology Vol.20,No.4 pp.501-523 2. Jessica Sze-Yin Ho, Alan G Downe and Siew-Phaik Loke(2010) Employee Attrition in Service Industry, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Vol IX No.1 3. Dinah J Kipkebut, HRM...
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  • Literature Review on Business Ethics
     BUSI610-D01 Organizational Design & Business Ethics: A Literature Review Liberty University Online Dr. Maddox May 9, 2014 Abstract A review of the current literature regarding business ethics was conducted analyzing scholarly peer-reviewed articles about business ethics and...
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  • Impression Management
    differences in behavior. We expected that men and women would generally report using impression management tactics consistent with gender role expectations and that this might not be advantageous to women in the corporate world. Our review of the literature supported our expectations. We conclude with...
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  • A Study of Organizational Citizenship Behaviors in a Retail Setting
    , and organizational citizenship behaviors. J Manage 1996;22(2):259 – 98. Podsakoff PM, MacKenzie SB, Paine JB, Bachrach DG. Organizational citizenship behaviors: a critical review of the theoretical and empirical literature and suggestions for future research. J Manage 2000;26(3): 513 – 63. Singh J...
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  • Research Methodology
    flow of information, and a larger, highly developed communication network through the organizational culture, in addition to the traditional franchising methods and sources checking and how they are very vital in the process of tacit knowledge. Literature review III A research by (Avinandan...
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  • Integrating Self-Regulation Theories of Work Motivation Into a Dynamic
    of analysis A final issue relates to levels of analysis. This issue has three aspects. The first is the description of isomorphic explanations at the individual, group or organizational level. Vancouver (1996) provided a review of these isomorphisms and their relevance to organizational behavior. For...
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  • Hr: Diversity
    , Kruse, and Blanck (2005) and Spataro (2005) have cautioned that corporate culture is crucial in encouraging or discouraging attitudes and practices incorporating people with disabilities. 5. Sexual orientation diversity In the organizational behavior and applied psychology literatures, theories...
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  • The Leadership Quarterly
    article reviews the leadership literature from 1990–2005 in twenty-one major journals in order to determine the nature and extent of attention to the organizational context as a factor affecting leaders' behavior and their effectiveness. Both conceptual and empirical articles were rated as having...
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