"Factors Affecting Decision Implementation In An Organization" Essays and Research Papers

Factors Affecting Decision Implementation In An Organization

Factors That Affect Organizational Structure The organizational structure of your business provides a foundation for lines of communication, responsibility and tasks. As the framework for your business, the organizational structure you select dictates the number of management layers, how your business is functionally divided and the overall reporting structure. Multiple organizational designs can be used to enhance your business’s strategy including simple, functional, matrix, hybrid or a self-designed...

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Factors Affecting Formulation

uesday, February 16, 2010 Factors affecting objective formulation Important factors affecting objective formulation are: 1. Size of the organization :Bigger size makes that objective formulation process complex. 2. Value system of top management :The objective formulation is affective by the value system of top management. Their philosophy,attitudes,aspiration and needs influence objective. * Philosophy reflects the creed of the organization.It specific basic beliefs,values,aspiration...

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Risk and Factors Affecting Risky Decision Making

new threats, liabilities or losses to the status quo. By the definition theory, Risk means a decision leads to consequences that are not precisely predictable, but follows a known probability distribution. Risk taking is a phenomenal virtue of most successful executives and managers. The high crests and the low ebbs of most businesses are more often governed by this one factor “risk” taken by its decision makers. While more often the success is celebrated and the failure is chided, the risks involved...

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Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior

Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior By Asifo Shah Consumer behavior refers to the selection, purchase and consumption of goods and services for the satisfaction of their wants. There are different processes involved in the consumer behavior. Initially the consumer tries to find what commodities he would like to consume, then he selects only those commodities that promise greater utility. After selecting the commodities, the consumer makes an estimate of the available money which he can spend. Lastly...

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Factors Affecting Organizational Design

Factors Affecting Organizational Design Although many things can affect the choice of an appropriate structure for an organization, the following five factors are the most common: size, life cycle, strategy, environment, and technology. Organizational size The larger an organization becomes, the more complicated its structure. When an organization is small — such as a single retail store, a two-person consulting firm, or a restaurant — its structure can be simple. In reality, if the organization...

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Factors affecting delegation of authority in organizations in Kenya


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External factors affecting Business

strategy implementation, and performance evaluation. Well-meaning strategic management practitioners consider five (5) key external forces in doing the external assessment exercise, and these are political, economic, social, technological (PEST), and competitive factors. The scope of external assessment embraces the analysis of opportunities and threats impacting a certain industry or business. The following discusses the key factors covered by an external assessment: 1. Political Factors This exercise...

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Process of Decision Making in an organization for a Manager.

Decision Making Decision making is defined as a rational choice among alternatives. A decision is the result of making a judgment or reaching a conclusion. In order to perform their jobs well, managers must make good decision. The Decision Making Process/ The Rational Model of Decision Making There are different ways, or models, for thinking about decision making. Attempts to show how people should make a decision are called rational model of decision-making, it assume that decision makers apply...

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Factors Affecting Management Success

Factors Affecting Management Success In a rapid and globalized world, management success is often associated with a plethora of carefully applied strategies that accentuate both the results and the processes utilized to attain a certain goal. Library shelves bulge with valuable management information about various factors that can affect our work performance and decisions. However, although we wish to know answers to the question of what factors affect successful management, most individuals have...

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Factors affecting operational planning

Factors affecting operational planning In this day and age planning is key to any business startup, especially during these tough economic times. As we prepare a plan for any business many factors arise including the strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats and trends in any business planning. Let's explore deeper to analyze the very important factors. Strengths: Internal positive aspects that are under control and upon which you may capitalize. Good examples of internal strengths are: Company...

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Factors Affecting the Implementation


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Types of Decision Making with an Example of Organization

Solution : TYPES OF DECISION MAKING WITH AN EXAMPLE Irreversible These are type of decisions, which if made once cannot be undone. Whatever is decided would then have its repercussions for a long time to come. It commits one irrevocably when there is no other satisfactory option to the chosen course. A manager should never use it as an all-or-nothing but instant escape from general indecision. Reversible These are the decisions that can be changed completely, either before, during or after the...

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Factors Affecting Job Design

FACTORS AFFECTING JOB DESIGN Job design is affected by organizational, environmental and behavioral factors. A properly designed job will make it more productive and satisfying .If a job fails on this count, it must be redesigned based on the feedback. The various factors affecting job design are the following Organizational factors Organizational factors include characteristics of task, work flow, ergonomics and work practices. Characteristics of Task: Job design requires the assembly...

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Environmental Factors Affecting Globalization

Environmental Factors Angela Mackey MKT 421 January 4, 2011 Harry Caldwell Environmental Factors Marketing in the world today is affected by so many factors in the environment. The factors include political and legal issues, which are the most important. Some other environmental factors that have a major effect on the marketing world are social, cultural economics, technological, and competitive. These factors surround the basis of the decisions made within marketing. Most organizations in the...

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Policy Implementation

essay will discuss the importance of implementation in the policy making process. It will describe the role that governmental agencies play in the implementation process, the affect that implementation has on policy, outline how governmental agencies affect policy through the implementation process and describe what types of factors affect policy implementation. Before addressing the previously listed issues, it is first necessary to describe what implementation is, specifically in regards to the...

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Factors Affecting Marketing Environment

and publics. Company Refers to the internal environment of the company. Includes all departments, such as management, finance, research and development, purchasing, operations and accounting. Each of these departments has an impact on marketing decisions. For example, research and development have input as to the features a product can perform and accounting approves the financial side of marketing plans and budgets. Suppliers An important aspect of the microenvironment because even the slightest...

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factors affecting course preference

their specific expectations for their child’s success can affect choices, beliefs, and career actions. Similarly, because college students typically seek approval and family support regarding specific career decisions, these students will probably experience a struggle if their career decision does not align with family expectations. In a recent study confirmed the great influence of parents relating to career choice. It has also been established that several societies across the globe emphasize collective...

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Human Resource Planning & Factors affecting Employee Turnover and Retention

Human Resources Human Resource Planning & Factors affecting Employee Turnover and Retention Human Resource Management Research Paper Abstract Human resource planning is currently regarded as an essential requirement for any organization to achieve the corporate business goals and to gain a competitive advantage over competitors, but it does not always appear to be given high priority in practice. High rates of employee turnover can prove very expensive and milk organization's...

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Factors affecting voting behaviour

Assessment on factors affecting voting behaviour being more important than others in the UK. By Maryam Ishaq The UK is a largely populated place with many people who are opinionated in politics, so, voting is important to many people as they get their say in who should run the country, however, many factors influence and affect the voting behaviour of the UK voting participates. The following essay intends to discuss what factors, affecting voting behaviour, is more important that the others...

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Factors Affecting Hr in Canada

Looking at the broader context in which Canadian organizations operate, strategic human resource management (SHRM) can address a number of economic and non-economic factors. In terms of economic factors, Canadian organizations must overcome the challenges of globalization. These organizations must face increasing international competitors and growing market opportunities abroad. To overcome these two obstacles and remain competitive, organizations in Canada are opening new plants abroad in order...

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Marketing and Environmental Factors

over.” Various Environmental factors Affecting Marketing process. Various factors affecting marketing process. The environmental factors that are affecting marketing process can be classified into : 1) Internal environment and 2) External environment Internal Environment of Marketing : This refers to factors existing within a marketing firm. They are also called as controllable factors, because the company has control over these factors : a) it can alter or modify factors as its personnel, physical...

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Factors Affecting Employment in Kenya

FACTORS AFFECTING EMPLOYMENT IN KENYA. Creating opportunities in terms of employment is of critical concern to every country in the world. While the developed countries have some strategies to cushion the citizen against unemployment, the developing and under developed countries are still struggling with the impact of unemployment. There are a number of factors that have continued to affect employment in Kenya. These factors are traced from colonial era and continue to have influence even today...

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Decision Making in Global Organizations

Decision-Making in Global Organizations In today's business environment, there is sustained pressure for companies to maximize productivity in order to be competitive in the marketplace. Many businesses are moving a variety of activities, such as manufacturing and product development, to countries with low labour costs. They are also opening up sales channels in many new markets. The resulting global organizations need to structure themselves, so that they can effectively manage operations across...

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Factors Affecting Project Implementation Amongst Non Governmental Organizations in Kenya

FACTORS AFFECTING PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION AMONGST NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS IN KENYA BY Ms. Cornel Ragen A THESIS PROPOSAL April 2013 ABSTRACT This study seeks to address the factors affecting project implementation in an organization with a focus on a non-governmental organisation. The process of project implementation, involving the successful development and introduction of projects in the organization, presents an ongoing challenge...

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Factors Affecting the Successful Implementation of Ict

qFactors Affecting the Successful Implementation of ICT Projects in Government David Gichoya, Research School of Informatics, Loughborough University, UK D.M.Gichoya@lboro.ac.uk Abstract: A government is a huge and complex organisation, whose operations and strategic focus could be greatly enhanced by the well focussed application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to support improvements in productivity, management effectiveness and ultimately, the quality of services offered...

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Factors Affecting Eco-Car Purchasing Decision for Thai Consumers: An Outline

Mr. Wichaipon Vanaphitak ID:5515353099 Thesis Proposal Title: Factors affecting Eco-Car purchasing decision for Thai consumers Introduction On the 13 September, 2011 Thai government have pass the policy to return the tax to first car buyers who purchase eco-car which have the engine size not larger than 1500 C.C. and price not more than 1,000,000THB. As we know Thailand is a net energy-importing country. About 60% of the energy used is imported from abroad. Energy demand in Thailand has grown...

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Factors Affecting Sustainable Marketing in India

com Year: 2008 - Factors affecting Sustainable Marketing in India 1. Introduction 1.1. Central Question Stated in general terms, the central question the researcher intends to answer is: Which are the main factors and barriers affecting the implementation of sustainable marketing within large Indian textile companies? 1.2. Aims • Substantive aim: To understand the main factors and barriers affecting large Indian textile companies based in Ahmedabad in the implementation of sustainable marketing...

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Factors Affecting Shifter's Population

Like other universities, FEU Diliman is experiencing a high number of BSA students’ shifters and low academic performance in accounting course. Comments and voiced of sentiments of the shifters’ and academics led the researcher to question the factors affecting the shifters’ population and if the problem exists with the course. Broad Field of Accountancy requires varying levels of competence, skills and intellectual abilities. According to the Theory of Intellectual Abilities (Sternberg, 1985; 1986:23)...

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“an Analysis of the Different Factors Affecting Consumer Decision Making Process of Makati Residents When Purchasing Electronic Gadgets”

Chapter 1 I. Title: “An Analysis of The Different Factors Affecting Consumer Decision Making Process of Makati Residents When Purchasing Electronic Gadgets” Suggested revisions:  An Analysis on the Correlation of Buyer’s Characteristics and Preferences When Purchasing Mobile Phones  An Analysis on the Correlation of Buyer’s Characteristics, Environmental Factors and Buying Preferences When Purchasing Mobile Phones II. Statement of the Problem 1. What are the characteristics of Makati...

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Factors Affecting Students Behavior


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Decision Making Step

Decision-Making Steps There are six steps typically associated with effective decision processes. These six steps in the Managerial Decision-Making Process are recognition of Decision Requirement, Diagnosis and Analysis of Causes, Development of Alternatives, Selection of Desired Alternative, Implementation of Chosen Alternative and Evaluation and Feedback.(Daft 1995) First steps in the decision-making steps are recognition of decision requirement. The ability to recognize...

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Factors Affecting Assessment Results

Factors Affecting Assessment Results The use of tests can provide valuable information to be used in developing a successful educational plan, but testing results alone cannot fully determine a student's needs. A licensed staff will always be responsible for interpretation of test results, but the paraprofessional may help with scoring, proctoring, or recording during the testing. In addition, the paraprofessional may have insight into the student's stress level during the test or other factors that...

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Uncontrollable Environment Affecting Organizations, Affecting International Logistic Activities

Uncontrollable environment affecting organizations, affecting international logistic activities Uncontrollable environment is one major condition which is unpredictable and uncertain. Regardless of what it might be, an uncontrollable environment will negatively affect any organization effort, no matter which function it is and perhaps the objectivities and strategies of the business. Today, business is a global market. In one way or another, we are all closely connected. The logistics systems...

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Internal and External Factors of an Organization

Running Head: INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL FACTORS OF AN ORGANIZATION Internal and External Factors that Affect the Four Functions of Management in an Organization Albert Rodriguez, Connie Contreras and Patrice James University of Phoenix MGT/330 September 8, 2010 Internal and External Factors that Affect the Four Functions of Management in an Organization Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are all factors that contribute to the decision making process among managers. Managers...

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Factors affecting Ethical Behavior

Work ethics and ethical behavior To understand what is the work ethics and what is meant by ethical behavior and what are the factors influencing the ethical behavior, we need to know the meaning of some key words. Ethics is a philosophical term derived from the Greek word "ethos" meaning character or custom and can be defined as the code of moral principles that sets standards of bad or good or wrong or right in one's conduct. Work ethics can be defined as carrying out one's business in a morally...

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Factors Affecting Development

Factors affecting development Early Stimulation Studies of the effect of environmental stimulation on an individual's development in either general or specific ability conclude that some specific stimulation should be introduced at an early age while a child is still malleable. An intense, persistent, and regular tutorial approach within the family encourages the development of a special talent or ability and develops learning sets useful in the future. A child must learn the specialized symbolic...

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Factors Affecting the Four Functions of Manangement

Factors Affecting the Four Functions of Management. Numerous factors impact the four functions of management. The functions of management include: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Key components include: external, internal, globalization, technology, innovation, diversity, and ethics. A prime external factor would include the current state of the of the United States economy. Consumers may not be purchasing as many Hershey products this year as they did last year, due to staple...

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Factors Affecting Lpu Cavite Cithm Students in Shifting Specialization of Course

not from their hometown and further that they do not speak the same language could be e new experience that each ones of them can have. (www.essayforum.com ) Commission on Higher Education (CHED) is responsible in the formulation and implementation of policies, plans and programs for the development and efficient operation of the higher education system in the country. The delivery of higher education in the Philippines is provided by private and public higher education institutions (HEIs)...

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Factors affecting management

 Factors that Affect Management Course/ XMGT 230 To get a good look at how external and internal factors affect management, we are going to look at the United States Army and how it is affected daily by global, technical, innovative, diverse and ethical issues. Today now more than ever the world has shrunk and it takes great leaders to command a company to achieve success in the world. By looking at the Army we can see all five examples of factors that affect leaders...

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Factors Affecting Academic Performance

Factors Affecting the Poor Academic Performances of College Education Students The research consists of an investigation of students' behavior, attitudes, and home environment as it relates to misbehavior in school and the need for discipline. So that the study may be understood within the context of the existing work in the field, this chapter of the proposal presents a review of the research on school discipline. The review begins with a delineation of basic patterns of school misbehavior which...

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Global Factors Affecting Business

Global factors affecting business The way of running the business differs from country to country. The marketing, sales and technical skills are required to increase the productivity of business. Business in general is enhanced when people from different cultures find new approaches to old problems, creating solutions by combining cultural perspectives and learning to see issues from the viewpoint of others. Business Environment consists of factors influential to the business operations. These...

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Business Management - Factors Affecting Organisations

able to accomplish his goals and tasks, he definitely has to be able to comprehend who and how the external are forces acting on the organization. This is vital as failure to comprehend could very well result in the dismissal of the manager or collapse of the organization. BODY The external environment is made up of forces and factors that affect the organization performance, be it positively or negatively. To explain in greater detail, the external environment consists of two categories, the specific...

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Information System Implementation

System Implementation When it comes to implementing or installing a new system within a company or organization, there are many factors to consider, not only technology. System implementation takes place when testing is complete and the team and project manager become responsible for implementing the new information system successfully for the sponsor or for the client’s organization or company. A successful implementation can result in overall organizational efficiency and also strengthen the...

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Factors Affecting Share Price

Factors Affecting Share Prices What are the major factors that affect share prices in the stock market? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by stock market participants. There are varied internal and external factors affecting the price of a share. Internal factors are those that depend on the firm such as share bonuses, stock split, company dividends, etc. External factors are those which are beyond the control of the firm, such as raw material prices, economic trends, inflation...

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Strategy Implementation Organization Strategy Evaluation

in strategic evaluation Analysis of External Environment Organization Setting objective (Long & Short Term) Strategy Formulation Strategy Implementation Organization Strategy Evaluation Strategy Evaluation: Strategy Evaluation can be defined as a process of determining the effectiveness of a given strategy. Therefore, the purpose of strategy evaluation is to evaluate the effectiveness of a strategy that the organization to achieve predetermined goal. Why is strategy evaluation? ...

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Factor of Affecting Purchasing Decision

1 Subject matter This report is to investigate the factors that will affect the choice making of purchasing Magnum ice cream in Tunku Abdu Rahman Tarc College. 1.2 Key findings Our primary objective, we are going to make a test to 30 students to bring prominence of which factors that will affect Tarc College students in choosing the ice cream. Our secondary objective is to search out the importance of factor to affect the decision of purchasing ice cream. Tertiary objective is to observe...

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Environmental Factors Affecting Obesity

Environmental factors affecting obesity 1. introduction 2. method equipment 3. budget 4. time frame Calorie Consumption In America, a changing environment has broadened food options and eating habits. Grocery stores stock their shelves with a greater selection of products. Pre-packaged foods, fast food restaurants, and soft drinks are also more accessible. While such foods are fast and convenient they also tend to be high in fat, sugar, and calories. Choosing many foods from these areas may...

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The Shifting of One University Course to Another: Factors Affecting Students' Decisions

student’s immediate superior who approved the shifting of courses. In fact, the incidence of indecision in occupational choice among college students has become a burden to some faculty members in college level, since shifting is a product of irrational decision which notably interferes with the educational growth of the students. The Researchers come up with this study to determine why students shift from one course to Diploma on Hotel and Restaurant Management in the Cavite State University. Statement...

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Issues in Erp Implementation

Issues posed to ERP Implementation Projects in Manufacturing or Public Sector Organisations Vinoraj Selvaraj School of Computer and Information Science University of South Australia Mawson Lakes, Australia Email: selvy003@mymail.unisa.edu.au Abstract ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation is regarded as complex, cumbersome and costly, and, very often, it exceeds the initial estimated resources. The process involves a thorough examination of the business processes in...

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Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction

1.0 Introduction In today’s competitive environment organizations thrive and survive on their human resources. Values, attitudes, perceptions and behavior, which form these resources, influence employee performance. It is a key factor in realizing organizational and individual goals that in turn greatly depends on individual’s self-motivation and job satisfaction. 1.1 What is job satisfaction? Job satisfaction is one’s attitude towards his job (positive or negative)...

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Macro Environmental Factors

7.’’The business environment is said to affect organizational decisions, strategies, processes and performances ” with reference to a business organization of your choice and using macro environments factors only, comment on the validity of this statement.(25) INTRODUCTION Lancaster (2011) defines the macro environment as ’those global elements over which the organization has no control over but which affect the organization’s ability to serve its customers profitably.’ There are six major macro...

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ERP implementation

Risk that associated with ERP implementation and measures that can be taken to fix these risks. A. Risk that are identified with the implementation of ERP 1. Lack of alignment between organization strategies. 2. Lack of Control 3. Complexity of the Project B. Commitment of top level management. 1. IT literature has clearly demonstrated that for IT projects success management support is critical. 2. By ERP any organization goes through a major change this...

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Decision-making is an essential aspect of modern management. It is a primary function of management. A manager's major job is sound/rational decision-making. He takes hundreds of decisions consciously and subconsciously. Decision-making is the key part of manager's activities. Decisions are important as they determine both managerial and organizational actions. A decision may be defined as "a course of action which is consciously chosen from among a set of alternatives to achieve a desired result...

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Functional Implementation

FUNCTIONAL IMPLEMENTATION Functional plans and policies are the sole responsibilities of the managers and they are responsible for the implementation of plan and policies to be adopted by the organization. And strategist needs to direct them properly to achieve the set goal. Functional strategies are the same as functional plans and policies, which are the actual plans to implement organizations strategies. Therefore functional plans and policies are operational plan...

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Factors Affecting Breastfeeding Practices

different levels (Kim, 1988). In this essay, we will argue that the globalization of formula feeding, the promotion of bottle feeding through media, health systems and policies, societal pressures and health problems all serve as physical and social factors that reduce breastfeeding practices worldwide. To begin with, the global spreading of the phenomenon of formula feeding, greatly promulgated by the interests of commercial industries has widely contributed to the decrease rates of breastfeeding...

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Factors Affecting Climate

Factors Affecting Climate There are many different factors that affect climate around the world. The most important factors are:- • Distance From The Sea • Ocean Currents • Direction of Prevailing Winds • Relief • Proximity To The Equator • The El Nino Phenomenon • Recently, it has been accepted that human activity is also affecting climate. Distance From The Sea (Continentality) The sea affects the climate of a place. Coastal areas are cooler and wetter than inland areas...

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Pricing Decisions

Pricing decisions Factors to consider when setting prices All profit organizations and many non profit organizations must set prices on their products or services. Simply defined, price is the amount of money charged for a product or service. More broadly, price is the sum of the values consumers exchange for the benefits of having or using the product or service. A company's pricing decisions are affected both by internal company factors and by external environmental factors. These factors are...

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Factors Affecting Teaching Profession in Tanzania

ABSTRACT Currently, issues related to teaching profession have become a topic of debate. This paper describes teaching as a profession, rationale for teaching and factors affecting teaching profession in Tanzania. This paper goes further to deliberate on how teaching may be transformed into a strong and powerful profession in Tanzania. 1.0 INTRODUCTION Background to the Study Occupational status depends on the public valuing of the competence, role and overall contribution of a particular occupation...

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The Principal as a Decision Maker.

The Principal as a Decision Maker. A school principal is an education administrator who oversees the day to day operations of the school. He or she offers instructional leadership to everyone in the school. These include the administrative staff, faculty and students. The role of a school principal is that of a guide to the students as well as a disciplinarian. There is much more to the position than that, however it is a complex job that offers numerous challenges, each day different from the day...

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Factors Affecting Academic Performance...

FACTORS AFFECTING ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF FIRST YEAR COLLEGE STUDENTS OF THE DIVINE WORD COLLEGE OF BANGUED FIRST SEMESTER 2010-2011 Mary B. Gallardo,MST-Math, Alfreinell S. Castillo, BSC, Jessie T. Sibayan, AB, Marianito T. Taeza, AB, and G. Regil D.Valera, BSCE Registrar’s Office, Divine Word College of Bangued June 1, 2011. The objective of this study was to examine factors such as age, gender, high school graduated from, and Grade Point Average (GPA) in fourth year and to identify...

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