Factor of Affecting Purchasing Decision

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Table of Contents:

|Title |Page Numbers | |1.0 Executive Summary |6-8 | |2.0 Introduction |9 | |3.0 Background |10-11 | |4.0 Problem Definition |12-13 | |5.0 Data Analysis |14-29 | |6.0 Findings |30 | |7.0 Advantage & Limitations of MR |31-32 | |8.0 Conclusion |33-34 | |9.0 References |35 |

1.0 Executive Summary

1.1 Subject matter

This report is to investigate the factors that will affect the choice making of purchasing Magnum ice cream in Tunku Abdu Rahman Tarc College.

1.2 Key findings

Our primary objective, we are going to make a test to 30 students to bring prominence of which factors that will affect Tarc College students in choosing the ice cream. Our secondary objective is to search out the importance of factor to affect the decision of purchasing ice cream. Tertiary objective is to observe if gender place different importance on the factor that will affect their preferred to choose ice cream. We are using the SPSS software to analyze the data.

1.3 Conclusion and Recommendations

In the primary objective, these four factors are important in influence the decision making.

Recommendations discussed include:

• Acceptable price of product

• Position in a strategic location

• Provide promotion

• Quality of product

In the primary and secondary objective, we found out it shows that male and female students placed more important on food quality, price, and after complete the survey. The students do not rate the location of selling ice cream as the most important element. In the tertiary object, we found that Female students placed more important on promotion compared to male students.

Recommendations discussed include:

• They can lower down the price of ice cream to attract students. • They can create more attractive promotions such as buy one free one, discount or others. • They should keep and improve the quality of ice cream or create more new tasty flavour.

1.4 Research question and/or Hypotheses:

1. Most of the students rate the location of selling ice cream is not more than 5.0 or equal to 5.0. 2. Is there any prominence difference between the food quality and food price of the ice cream? 3. Is there any prominence difference between male and female on the factors of choosing the ice cream? 4. Is there any prominence difference between the food price and selling location of the ice cream?

1.5 Research Design Formulation:

We decided to use the quantitative method to carry out our research. We walk inside the cyber center, and trying to communicate with students that sitting in front of the computer and sofa, we describe what we trying to survey. We are using descriptive research design. We ask the students who doing their staff inside the...
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