Junk Food Advertising Should Be Banned in Australia

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junk food advertising Should be banned in Australia|
junk food advertising Should be banned in Australia|
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Executive Summary3
1.0 Introduction4
2.0 Discussion5
2.1 Definition of junk food5
2.2 Reasons junk food has become popular.5
2.3 Target audience junk food.6
children 2.3.16
2.3.2 Teens6
2.4 Junk food causes health effects in Australia.7
obesitO 2.4.17
2.4.1 Heart diseases7
2.5 Junk food advertising8
2.6 ban of junk food advertising8
3.0 Conclusion:9
4.0 Recommendations:10
5.0 References11
Appendix A12

Executive Summary

The purpose of this report was to present the definition of junk food and how junk food advertising has recently become an important issue around the world which began to concern governments, health authorities and families in every country, especially in Australia .Therefore, this report will address the problem of junk food very carefully and in order to accomplish that this report will involve an internet research and will include a number of evidences, which have been taken from books, magazines and newspapers. This report has described an important solution for this problem which is banning advertisements of junk food and then discussed three reasons behind this ban in a wide range. Also, it will include many facts and statistics about junk food advertising. These statistics show and improve one important fact which is junk food advertising should be banned. . After taking into consideration the problem of junk food advertising it is recommended, firstly, the government should restrict junk food during children's programs and cartoons. Secondly, governments should restrict junk food advertising and let them to be broadcast in specific channels which don't include kids' programs and cartoons. Moreover, many campaigns should be prohibited junk food advertising for children. Finally, food companies should product healthy food instable every one. Also, they should give complete and clear information for their products.

1.0 Introduction
Media can be defined by the Materials that hold data in any form to people, including television, radio, and newspapers .recently, TV advertisements which have started concerning many civil societies. These advertisements promote for many products such as junk food. In addition, junk food advertisements have increased over the past few years and played an important part in everyone's lifestyle. This report will discuss some of the problem of junk food advertising and the reasons behind the ban of junk food advertising .moreover, this information has been took from books, magazines, newspapers and internet research. This report will discuss the issue of junk food advertising in six main points: Firstly, it is going to present the definition of junk food. Secondly, the report is going to discuss reasons junk food become very popular. Moreover, it will address the main reasons behind the ban of junk food advertising and will describe the target audience of junk food advertising. Also, it will be mentioned some health effects of junk food with present some facts and statistics which are related to this issue. Finally, the conclusion followed by recommendations.

2.0 Discussion
2.1 Definition of junk food
All experts and references states that junk food is foods which have little or no nutritional value, or it is produced with nutritional value but also have ingredients considered unhealthy (Punam J R, 2004). In addition, the medical dictionary defines junk food that foods have high-calorie food that is low in nutritional value (Medical Dictionary, 2004) 2.2 Reasons junk food has become popular.

There are different reasons behind spread of junk food. The first reason relates to get or to prepare junk...
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