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Embarrassing Situation

Women in American Sitcoms of the 1950s and 60s Sitcoms – situation comedies – are probably the most “American” of all TV formats. They convey a high degree of viewer identification, as they show scenes of everyday American life. If the viewer identifies with the series, is the series representative to the viewing society? I will try to elaborate on that question by comparing to sitcoms of the 1950s and 60s and the image of women that they carry. Life with Elizabeth was one of the earliest sitcoms...

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buffoons. There were still the same tactics use on the radio such as slapstick comedy, however when aired on television it was seen more of a serious effect to the public. The show was functioned as a nightly radio serial from 1928 to 1948, but the situation comedy ran from 1950 until 1955. From that point this is where society made it’s assumption on how African Americans really live, therefore other blacks thought this was the way they were supposed to act in order to be screened on television. Fortunately...

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Sitcoms in Depth

humour is formed from the various conflicts between characters or the embarrassing situations they get into. All these parts need to be well developed. Often sitcoms deliver a moral lesson, however, examples will be given of sitcoms which disregard this is norm. Characters need to be well built for a sitcom to work. Sitcoms have many different characters because a certain type of character is needed for every situation. A stereotypical personality trait for male main characters is always...

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Influential Comedy Writers of the Past Two Decades

very structured outline right down to the jokes, leaving the dialogue up to a carefully selected cast. Much like Seinfeld the same formula is used in terms of story, though rather than an ensemble cast coming together with overlapping stories, the situations that Larry gets into tend to crossover in one episode. Larry David has once again set a trend in the world of sitcoms with shows such as ‘Episodes’, featuring Matt LeBlanc and Simon Amstell’s ‘Grandma House’ both showing fictional versions of themselves...

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Media Essay - Wilfred

include situation comedy (‘sit-com'), sketch comedy, stand-up comedy, improvisational comedy, animated comedy and domestic comedy, and many others. Wilfred can be classified mainly into those sub-genres of sitcom and domestic comedy. These two sub-genres often go hand in hand as they are perhaps the two most closely related sub-genres within comedy. Sitcom involves reoccurring characters, familiar to the audience, in humorous situations. Often the characters as well as the situations are common...

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Television Sitcoms: 1950's - Today

Fifty Years in the Making A genre of entertainment programming was developed and became known as the situation comedy or 'sitcom'. Sitcoms have evolved in response to lifestyle trends and have changed drastically over the past fifty years. The sitcom format is based upon two main types: the element of family drama mixed with sibling rivalry and the element of sexual exploration. Family sitcoms specialized in family drama and focused on internal family roles of the parents, children and siblings....

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Analysis of a Current TV Comedy Show, Seinfeld.

referred to as "the show about nothing," which actually details the lives of four single people living in New York City. It is the cleverly written plots, snappy dialogue and crafty, genuine characters that make Seinfeld distinct from other similar TV situation comedies. The first specific element that makes Seinfeld such a successful comedy is that of characterisation. The show's central character is Jerry (played by Jerry Seinfeld), a stand-up comedian who spends his time floating from gig to gig and...

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Sitcom Format

is variety and character-driven humour like the running gag or inside joke. The running gag is a funny situation or line of dialogue that reappears in an episode or series of episodes. Sometimes the running gag becomes a catchphrase. The line or situation is often unintentional at first, but ends up striking a chord with the audience. When the audience reacts favourably, the line or the situation gets written back in and usually becomes funnier because of its multiple appearances. The success of the...

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Courage and Its Many Forms

afraid to face him (Nelson, 1982, 2 Samuel 17). Many different people can see the word courage differently. Others could also see what some may see as a courageous act as stupidity or instinct. Sometimes doing nothing or fleeing from a no win situation can be looked at as cowardly. I chose the concept of courage because it is thought provoking. For example, Bob is sitting all alone on a bench going over some construction plans because he is an engineer. He sees smoke 2 coming from a nearby...

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Changing American Family

and the mother and father would tend to get into arguments at times. George would always try to catch his children getting in trouble when they misbehave, whether it is by confronting them straight on, or trying to be sneaky by investigating the situation and then punishing them later. Usually at the end of every episode, it is always shown that George loves and cares deeply for his family. The article I am using to support with this essay is The American Family on Television: From Molly Goldberg...

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Impact and Influence of Seinfeld on the American Sitcom

point towards the show’s emphasis of being self-aware. Upon taking a closer look at sitcoms produced in recent years, the elements originally founded by Seinfeld become increasingly obvious as they are now put to practice and adapted to fit unique situations. Examples can be found anywhere from shows like Louie, with a similar premise that focuses on the mundane daily events of a comedian, to shows like Community, that take pride in their witty dialogue and intertextual references. As the evolution...

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Conflict Identification and Resolution

poor communication creates conflict in a number of ways, the types of conflict that could arise due to the lack of communication or the lack of communication are: creating uncertainty, lack of loyalty, and rumors and gossip, (Joseph, 2012). In the situation previously described the two biggest conflicts that arose because of the lack of and poor communication was the lack of loyalty and rumors and gossip, with rumors and gossip being the biggest problem. “If employees don’t know the intent of their...

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The Influence of Essentialst Attitudes Portrayed in the Modern Day Sitcom on the Views and Beliefs of Modern Society.

contributed to the comicality and thus the success of the show. * Unlike the 2005 sit-com The Office (American version), Seinfeld does not consistently display essentialist traits in its characters. It conveys essentialist themes through satirical situations involving essentialism. This is none more evident than the following example (“The Yada Yada”), which Gencarella (2005,398) also uses to describe the egalitarian nature of Kramer: * Jerry: Those people can be so touchy. * Kramer: “Those...

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George Lopez

their television shows, quickly picked up the television series. In 2002, Lopez became one of the few Latinos to star in a television comedy series, following in the footsteps of Freddie Prinze and Desi Arnaz. The George Lopez show is an American situation comedy that originally aired on ABC from 2002 - 2007. Lopez is the co-creator, writer, producer, and star of the sitcom. On March 8, 2007, it was announced that George Lopez would join the Nick at Nite lineup and it was first aired on September 10...

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Modern Family

show. Also there are no signs of affection used in any of the episodes. Obviously, the question of family life being portrayed accurately is answered. The funny thing about televised families is that it changed face but in a bad way. As time passes situations involved in the show get worse and worse. In the 1950's shows like Leave it to Beaver was on the air. This show was the type of show that we wished are family was like. It was about a family who had no problems involved in their life. Whenever there...

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Company Structure

months of every year, done by the manager or 20 % of the associates of the company, by means of written communication directed each of the associates with fifteen 15 working days of anticipation and the object it will be to try and to examine any situation related with it turned normally of the social business. If summoned the meeting this one will not meet the indicated, at the time anticipation the first working day of April will meet for own right, at 10:00 a.m. in the offices of the administration...

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Importance of Family Dinners

middle of this turmoil and was left to deal with his feelings and emotions alone. If Danny's family had ate dinner before as a family would the lines of communication been more open thus enabling Danny to talk about his feelings and understand the situation between his parents? In my own experience I found that having a set dinnertime with family to be instrumental to communication and a feeling of stability. When I was a little girl, my grandmother and I would eat dinner together every night at six...

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the group. It was not until the the National Industrial Recovery Act in June of 1933, that granted Unions the right to collective bargaining (insert source). Until this act, the individual had to stand for himself, without much hope to change his situation. The work of change produced within a group far surpasses the change of just one individual. Though the National Industrial Recovery Act was made to promote a number of things, an especially important reason was to improve the standards of labor...

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Tv Show Analyzed

Thus is why we find all the forms of communication theories throughout the decade, which the sitcom was played. But does it reflect real life or a fantasy world? Experiential reality is one that you have personally lived,the characters, emotions, situations, locations are all so vivid to you that you can attest to the fact that the show involves things you have experienced. Perceived reality involves shows about people and settings that you have not experienced but you assume that the televised stereotypes...

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Bewitched Analysis

Evaluating Sitcoms – Bewitched Bewitched is a situation comedy, produced in the year 1964 and set in America. The main characters include Samantha and Darrin Stephens. The program Bewitched conveys the premise to not make assumptions about someone instantly – because there may be more to a person then what meets the eye. The pilot of Bewitched begins with the orientation, establishing the status of the newly wed couple. Darrin is portrayed as the breadwinner of the family, and Samantha is presented...

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Teenage-Relationships/ Broadcast Comedy and Situation Comedy Situation Comedy grew out of Variety Entertainment, but format derived also from the domestic sketch format that appeared in American mass-circulation newspapers in the 1870s: influence of Vaudeville and Music Hall sketches this century has also been an importance influence. In part the general movement of TV Sit. Com. was from Radio to TV, such as Dad's Army and Steptoe. Situation comedy narratives generally centre on the middle...

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My Family Sitcom Review

own special way, even if it may be of no help whatsoever. Each episode allows the viewer to ‘have a barrel of laughs’ at situations that shed light on what are considered ‘normal’ scenarios while the characters in the program attempt to solve the predicaments they get themselves into. This episode, entitled “Farewell to Alarms”, provides insight into two pragmatic situations in modern society, crime rates and unemployment, which is not commonly seen in sitcoms. Throughout the episode, Susan (Zoe...

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Sitcoms Analyzed

are two types of plots in mind, the type of plots use in a program is dependent upon the previous and following episodes. Generally, situation comedies are long-running, as they possess the ability to be endlessly reproduced. This is due to the fact that what ever happens in each episode, all complications are resolved by the end and the characters and overall situation is not changed. Also another similarity shared between plots is that they are simple, therefore simple to understand. The simplicity...

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Gender and Sitcom

Using examples, discuss the way in which the situation comedy can be analysed in terms of gender. This paper will explore in detail, the concept of gender and it’s relation to the situation comedy (sitcom), analysing both masculine and feminine gender roles within this popular genre of television. To gain a basic understanding of the theory included in the representation of gender in the sitcom, this paper will mainly draw on the research of television theorist Bret Mills. The well-known sitcom...

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Curb Your Enthusiam- an in Depth Analysis

produced by HBO about Larry David, starring Larry David himself. He plays himself as a retired comedian producer and writer. The show follows him through his day to day life, which frequently puts him in awkward situations as he often gets annoyed with the status qua and normal social situations. Larry is extremely vocal about his irritations, involving not only him, but the other characters on the show. The show depicts an unflinching, self-deprecating depiction of his life and the lives of his family...

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Stand up comedy industry

good or bad could participate in this market so the entry barrier was low because comedians were in high demand the competition rises automatically. An oligopoly is one of the structures that occur in an imperfectly competitive market. It’s a situation where a market or industry and its supply of goods is dominated by a small number of firms. Hence a small amount of buyers and a few companies who sell the product is typical for an oligopolistic industry. This thesis can be undermined, because...

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Family TV shows by decade

because the father, Steve Douglas, is a widowed aircraft engineer. The family theme here shows that he did his due diligence by having a job that can support his family and being married. The show begins with the wife already removed from the situation. The generalized concept of the show is that this single father still pursues traditional family values and teachings even though the traditional nuclear family is different. Steve Douglas's father helps to raise the children, which allows for...

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conventional essay

make fun of the society as well as actually display how the social manners are constantly changing. Most of the time, a comedy’s purpose is just to humor the audience. The Seinfeld episodes are commonly known as a modern comedy of manners. The situations in the Seinfeld episodes are ordinary while the characters are extraordinary, and they strive to employ social manners in order to advance their social status (McConnell). The main characters are often debating on the social rules and customs, and...

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this sitcom is not with its submissive ways of presenting societal hardships, but with its choice of packaging. In fact, I think its brilliant that the show depicts the "other" through "other world" dimensions, but I find it problematic that the situation in this situational comedy is a white family living in suburbia with the wife as the devoted housewife, and the husband as the hard-working company executive. However, I can understand that this aired in the early 1960's and was controversial, even...

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Situation Comedy

SITUATION COMEDY Situation Comedy or sitcom is a style of comedic drama where characters share a common environment with dialogue that includes humor. Sitcoms usually have a story line with the same familiar characters. Situation comedy originated on the radio but is now found primarily on television and the internet. In the United States director and producer William Asher has been credited with being “the man who created the sitcom”. He directed over a dozen of sitcoms including I love Lucy...

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participate. They must have the right to assert, defend or question any factual or normative claim. This discussion must proceed free from accidental or systemic constraints (Badillo, 1991, p. 19). Importantly, ‘the participants in an ideal speech situation must be motivated solely by the desire to reach a consensus about the truth of statements and the validity of norms’ (Bernstein, 1995, p. 50). This paper will seek to answer the question, ‘does ideal speech ever really take place?’ by presenting...

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Cambridge Consulting Group

taken too much responsibility on himself. 8. Bob does not maintain a balanced life. He does not spend enough time with his family. Additionally, a major motivation for VPs is compensation and the type of work in the company. If this is the situation, then they might quit and go to another company with better pay and work. If a VP leaves the company, it might lose clients under that VP and might affect its revenues. I feel that Bob should start working on these areas to maintain success in...

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Sitcom Paper

one cooking cleaning and doing other stuff in the house also the father is doing work inside the house he sometime clean and cook for his kids and wife and also the father is fun and he know when to punish his kids and they talk about some reality situation. The childrens get into trouble their not well respected like “Leave it to beaver” childrens. They sit as a family when eating breakfast and dinner just like the Beaver family. Family has change since the 50’s woman and man now are totally different...

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Modern Family

core values are loosely interwoven with standards and practices that suggest an anything is “OK” attitude, which would be expressed by secular humanist. Observations of this show are based on my own personal up-bring and how we handled different situations in our lives. My Christian parents would not have been so excepting of two men living together. Our family believed that marriage is between a man and a woman. “‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable”...

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Len and Marilyn

would have been 90% in Len’s favor and Marilyn would have maybe been 10% satisfied. Len was using almost any tactic he could in order to get his way which was not allowing Marilyn to argue her part of the negotiation. It was more or less a no win situation for her. Were Marilyn's objectives on the way to being effectuated in the second exchange? Yes, Marilyn was able to stand her ground and argue her points in this negotiation. She wasn’t allowing Len the opportunity to “guilt” or “bully” her. ...

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Sitcoms & Sexuality

what causes a regular watcher to develop a “parasocial” relationship with them (“Research Report,” 2013). Upon examination of the development of the television sitcom, many of the humorous moments throughout the years have stemmed from embellished situations in character-to-character relationships. An analysis of these relationships, with emphasis on those of an intimate relationship has shown that today sexuality is often the source of primary humor. This sexuality in sitcoms is currently the most...

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All Types of Entertainment

the simple fact that it offers such a wide variety of choices. The different kinds of series can be broken down into four major groups: situation comedies, serial shows, reality television, and sports. A major category of TV shows is the situation comedy. In situation comedies the characters remain in the same situation from episode to episode. The situation usually focuses on family, workplace, or a group of friends. It was the first of the categories to come about, starting in black and white...

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Dy-No-Mite! Stereotypical Images of African Americans on Television Sitcoms

networks - producers and show creators have failed to answer the needs of viewers for more realistic and flattering shows about African Americans. It is not only that these harmful television images reinforce stereotypes. They are insulting and embarrassing, and have been proved to have a particularly destructive effect on the self-esteem of young African American viewers. 1. As a group, young African Americans watch more television...

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Double Bind: Communication with Conflicting Messages

non-verbal message denies the verbal one. The child does not know whether to respond to the words or the body language. The messages confuse him. Despite receiving conflicting messages in communication, double bind can also be considered as a situation in which no matter what a person does, he cannot “win” at all. Here is another example of double bind when a person is being asked “Who do you love most, your father or your mother?” The person has an impossible choice to make. Showing favor to...

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Cxc Essay Friends and Seinfeld

Chandler, Ross, Monica and Rachel, six friends who lived in New York City. The comedy of Seinfeld was largely about the small, everyday occurrences of life. Friends, on the other hand, tended to find humor in bizarre relationships and ridiculous situations. Friends had its moments of drama and sentiment. Seinfeld almost never took itself this seriously. In Seinfeld, the story lines were different every week and there wasn't much continuity from episode to episode. It was basically a show about nothing...

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Choose a form of television comedy that is not a Sit Com and analyze its conventions.

the point, where they become the most numerous among the other entertaining genres. Also, a lot of genres that are not precisely comedy, often bear some comedy features. Like this, the most popular and wide-spread comedy genres include sitcom, aka situation comedy, sketch comedy, comedy-drama, improvisational comedy, gameshow comedy, stand-up comedy, and even animated cartoons. For the reason of the wide popularity of the comedy genre, it is important to research its influence on the audience and understand...

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what is hiding behind the satire, irony and parodies. Sitcoms are meant to help its audience through social anxieties without fully coming out and saying what it is doing. The word sitcom is actually two words put together which was once called a situation comedy. There are many things going on throughout the world that people are not comfortable talking about so sitcoms mask those anxieties with humor so that people can laugh about it while learning rather than just act like the problem does not...

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Media Sitcom Analysis

common techniques of continuous editing. This allows the audience to understand the action, without drawing attention to the process of the construction. The show is shot with a single-camera setup instead of a multiple-camera setup more typical for situation comedies. This sitcom favours simple cuts and maintains the rules of continuous editing. This is used to control time, tell the story and to focus on the less important various characters. It helps to create comedy from the actions and dialogue...

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Moral Dilemma

picking the better choice of two wrongs. Any one who has ever been faced with these types of issues knows that choosing a solution that causes the least damage is frustrating and can be an extremely complicated task. It is always best to analyze the situation and identify the pros and cons of the solutions before making a decision. A few years ago I was hired in a warehouse as a pick and pack employee. In this position, I helped two people get a job at this company, a very close friend of mine...

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Tv Show Essay

ambassador to the UK. The actors play a very key role in making you laugh. This fact could be proved with number of reasons,. For instance, the actor’s body language informs the viewers and even tells the audience of how the character feels in the situation. They also make it very good by changing their voice to suit the character been played. The actors plays a o show that the character is a African, polish, disabled, poor or even gay by changing their voice. CFWM contains petit plots. This is because...

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Open Campus Lunch

cause problems between students and teachers. Tardy rates would sky rocket. Then, there would be those students who would abuse the power and just not show back up to school. And then the attendance rate would shoot up, too. This is just a no win situation. Last, but defiantly not least, the big fear. Car wrecks. Fatal or not, car wrecks are scary. And I know that none of my parents or my friend’s parents wants to get a phone call saying that their child is in the hospital. There is a sense...

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Communication for Sandwich Blitz

We are sending out this e-mail to let you know that we have realized the problems that all of you have been having, due to the increase of new customers that have been visiting all of your locations. We have decided as a way to help remedy this situation with the E-Customer Ordering System. We will install the E-Customer Ordering System in each of your locations within the next 4 weeks in order to help all of our associates in completing their jobs functions, without feeling upset and overwhelmed...

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Tv Family

parenting to my sons. Without the influences of each generation how would any of us know how parent? “Modern Family” has had a positive influence of my idea of what family is to be. I like this show and feel that it displays many types of difficult situations in a positive light. There is an older man who is married to a younger woman, a gay couple with an adopted daughter, and a more traditional family of five. All of these can show American people that family can be who we make it to be. As Desmond...

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Television Shows of the 1950's and Mass Culture

reinforce its traditional values. But how were the powers that be going to be able to reach the masses in order to get this message out? That is when the situation comedy was born. “One of the preliminary phases of the 1950s sitcoms was their transition from the realm of radio to broadcast television.” (Montoya, Kyle 2013). The introduction of the situation comedy or ‘sitcom’ to the television screen has taught America that in order to survive, one must adapt just as the sitcom has. Unlike the “increased...

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Automatic Dependent Survelliance-Broadcast (Human Factors in Aviation Safety)

do we draw the line in the sand? Imagine a situation similar to this occurs. A controller gives an aircraft temporary separation responsibility and the pilot accepts it. The controller now focuses his attention on other aircraft and duties and allows some additional aircraft into the same sector because he felt he could accomplish an expanded workload. Now that aircraft pilot that was given separation responsibility experiences an emergency situation and needs to relinquish its separation responsibility...

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Creating Effective Messages

George had done in the past that turned out to be nothing. Elaine was also very nonchalant about George having a heart attack. I believe that they may have taken George more seriously had this not happened before. George’s way of handling these situations has led Jerry and Elaine to fail to take anything he says seriously. It was apparent that George was in pain, he had his hand against his chest and he was telling Jerry and Elaine that he thinks he is having a heart attack. The message he was...

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Paper on Food Adulteration

fuzzy and Bangladeshi women are picking up Indian trends. However, 62% (data taken from Question # 12) of these women see this as being progressive, as shown below: For these women, it can be concluded that they are aware of the current situation and embracing the integration of cultures with open arms. Question # 15: ‘Beautiful' to you is… Q. 15 (definition of beauty) Tall, fair and slim Dark, sharp-featured, thin Fair and curvaceous Physical features don't define beauty 1 respondent...

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Soap Opera

genres Common formats of TV series are: soap opera, sitcom, dramedy. Sitcom · A sitcom or situation comedy is a genre of comedy performance originally devised for radio but today typically found on television. · Sitcoms center around a common environment, such as a family home or workplace. · Humorous storylines come from misunderstanding or embarrassing situations. · Most contemporary situation comedies are filmed with a multicamera setup front of a live studio audience. That is the reason...

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These little details and ideas make Seinfeld one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. Many people can relate to Seinfeld's everyday life situations. Again Seinfeld takes it another step and pokes fun at these situations. People usually look for jokes in a sitcom; Seinfeld has jokes, but it also describes some peculiar situations. People relate to these situations and when Seinfeld adds a punchline, people look at everyday life in a totally different way. Just like when Jerry goes to the dry cleaners...

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Sitcoms and dramas both have the same purpose, and that is to entertain. The way conflict matters are portrayed between the two on the other hand is very different. Sitcoms generally portray conflict situations in a comedic manner while dramas are much more serious and/or realistic. Dramas also tend to be more character driven while sitcoms are more plot driven. It is quite common to find that romantic relationships figure prominently in the story lines of both domestic and nondomestic sitcoms and...

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A Modern Family

A Modern Family The situation comedy on television that I choose to study, which I believe highlights family values and functions, is ABC’s “Modern Family”. As the title suggests this is based on what we might perceive as the current, everyday family. I have watched this show with mixed emotions since its inception but these are only my observations about the show, no one can know what the writer’s background is and from what mindset they are coming from. The show is about the “New” version...

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Seinfeld in Workplace

employment decisions on hiring, promotion, transfer, discipline, or termination are made on the basis of submission to or rejection of unwelcome sexual conduct. Jerold Mackenzie was fired by the Miller Brewing Company after recounting a scene from the situation comedy Seinfeld. In the episode, Jerry Seinfeld knew only that his date’s name rhymed with a female body part; he remembers her name in the final scene, yelling “Dolores!” To explain the punch line, Mackenzie showed coworker Patricia Best a dictionary...

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Full House: How It Represents the Late 80s/Early 90s

Researchers Klumas and Marchant found that in comparison to other situation comedies, Coach, Fresh Prince, The Cosby Show, Who’s the Boss, Home Improvement, and Roseanne, Danny Tanner is a ‘superparent’ and he does perfectly what we would typically expect a mother and father to do, but not what we would expect from just one single parent. He is the breadwinner, the nurturing parental figure, and the housekeeper. Historically, in most situation comedies men are portrayed as competent outside the house, but...

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Marilyn and Len Exchanges,

that the outcome of the first exchange would have been 80 percent in Len’s favor, he was using almost any tactic he could in order to get his way, which was not allowing Marilyn to argue her part of the negotiation. It was more or less a no win situation for her. • Were Marilyn's objectives on the way to being effectuated in the second exchange? Yes, Marilyn was able to stand her ground and argue her points in the second exchange. She diverted Len’s responses and enforced her objectives rationally...

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How Are Women Represented in British Sitcom Peepshow

How are women represented in the British Sitcom PeepShow Introduction I have looked at how women are represented in Peep Show, a British Situation Comedy based around two very different friends that share a flat in London. The majority of situations they get into involve their attempts to seduce or gain affection from the women they either love or have a fleeting obsession with. The reason I decided to analyse Peep Show is because its two main characters are so contrasting in ethics, morals...

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