An Embarrassing Moment

Topics: Wart, Embarrassment Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: October 5, 2010
An Embarrassing Moment
Sometimes falling down in a crowded mall filled with people can be a good thing. Being embarrassed definitely beats the experience of having several painful treatments for burning warts off your leg, and trying to get the warts to go away by covering the area with duck tape for two weeks. Finally, out of nowhere, the warts disappear the second you fall face down on the floor in front of a massive amount of people. Numerous methods to wart removal include: painful burning treatments, covering your leg with duck tape, and being clumsy enough to be tripped in a mall crowded with people. Growing up, every child has more than likely heard the myth; if you play with frogs and they urinate on you, the urine can be cause warts, right? I have found through experience that warts are actually caused by a viral infection. An innumerable number of warts can be originated by scratching or shaving. For me, I had hundreds of small warts which covered a large portion of only my left leg from the knee down. In addition I had to go 8-10 weeks to a Dermatologist for many slow and painful treatments in burning every wart off one by one. Having to go through all the procedures consequently my warts kept returning. As a result, my Gynecologist, Dr. Richman suggested I cover the whole area on my leg with duck tape for two weeks. Dr. Richman ordered me to keep the duck tape on my leg for the entire two weeks without removing it. I honestly didn’t think that putting duck tape on warts would cure the viral infection. Sure enough, my opinion on the duck tape was correct. Two weeks later I finally pulled back the tape after wearing if for fourteen days and not taking it off, to find that my warts were still there. By this time, I have given up every different treatment for making the warts go away. With that being said, the day after Christmas, my family and my sister’s boyfriend, Patrick, went to take back and exchange...
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