• Academic Performance and the Use of Internet as a Form of Entertainment
    The Correlation of the Academic Performance of the Senior Students and the Use of Internet as a Form of Entertainment Chapter I The Problem and Its Scope Background of the Study Now, almost three decades on from the internet’s first inception, the World Wide Web has become a mandatory
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  • Social Networking Addiction
    The last decade witnessed an explosion of social networks such as Myspace and Facebook, which added a new social dimension to the web. While such networks have made people, communities and groups with shared interests stay more “connected,” Internet addiction and social network addiction in par
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  • Professional Ethics - Social Networking
    1. In the Quon V. Ontario case, the police officers filed a lawsuit even thought they were not fired for the information that the police chief learned about their text messages. How, if at all, is someone harmed simply by another person reading private text messages? This case centered on the ap
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  • The Effects of Computer Games to the Academic Performance of the Students
    Computer addiction is a relatively new term used to describe a dependency on one's computer. Computer addiction is not limited to personal computers (PCs). It covers video games and the Internet and has already been given a label by psychologists, namely Internet addiction disorder (IAD). People c
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  • The Effectiveness of Time Management Strategies for Improving Academic Performance Among College Freshmen
    The Effectiveness of Time Management Strategies for Improving Academic Performance Among College Freshmen Iris Hill University of West Alabama Author Note Iris R. Hill, Education Department, Class 504- Techniques of Educational Research, Dr. Reenay Rogers, the University of West Ala
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  • Social Networking
    Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Social Networking Social networking can best be described as the grouping of individuals into specific groups; be it on the basis of having common interests or for the purpose of achieving some common social goal. While social networking is possible a
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  • Social Networking for the Betterment of Society
    Jackie Turner Professor Bricker English 103 12 December 2011 Social Networking: For the Betterment of Society Networking in the 70’s usually referred to television. In the 80’s social networking would possibly have been defined as a complex group of friends, acquaintances, c
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  • Reduction of Class Size Expanding Academic Performance
    Research has found that class sizes do not affect students’ academic performances. Discuss Reduction of class size expanding academic performance Hong Kong’s education system has been under fire for many years and the subject of education reform is high on the government’s agenda. Despite
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  • Teaching Competencies in Relation to Students' Academic Performance in Spamast-Cas (Ungax Research)
    Chapter 1 Introduction Teacher competence and teacher quality are concepts that are often referred to and frequently applied in different educational contexts. Whitty (1996) identifies professional competence, which includes knowledge and understanding of children and their learning, subj
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  • Online Gaming Habits in Relation to the Academic Performance
    ONLINE GAMING HABITS IN RELATION TO ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF FOURTH YEAR STUDENTS OF SECTION O – 6 A Research Paper Presented to the Faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences West Negros University Bacolod City In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the degree of Bachelor of
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  • Internet Addiction: Use of Social Networking Sites and Its Impact on Intermediate Students
    INTERNET ADDICTION: USE OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES AND ITS IMPACT ON INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS Abstract: Widespread use of internet has led to a kind of addiction. The present study examined the use of Internet and getting addicted to the social networking sites and on the whole its impact on interm
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  • Study Habits Affects the Academic Performance of College Students of Saint Mary’s College Baganga”
    Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION The extent of student’s learning in academics may be determined by the grades a student earns for a period of learning has been done. It is believed that a grade is a primary indicator of such learning. If a learner earns high grades it is concluded that they may also ha
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  • How Far Have Chat Rooms and Social Networking Sites Changed the Way Young People Communicate with Each Other
    NAME:DENG GAO LE (Gaulle) SZU UCLAN FOUNDATION PROGARMME EF0001 ACADEMIC AND LANGUAGE SKILLS FOR UNIVERSITY STUDY Tutor: Fred Stiglingh Title: How far have chat rooms and social networking sites changed the way young people communicate with each other The networking curtailed the distance bet
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  • Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Academic Performance
    Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Academic Performance Name Instructor Introduction Problem statement America today faces an issue of epic proportion that is critically essential. An issue that continues to affect her economy, challenge her highest ideals as well as reducin
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  • Social Networking Site
    sCHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction- Social Networking Sites Few years back, usage of social networking sites became popular around the world. Social networking sites are also known as social networking website. Social networking sites (SNSs) are increasingly attracting the attention o
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  • The Different Stressors Affecting the Usls’ Level 3 Nursing Students’ Academic Performance and Their Coping Mechanisms
    THE DIFFERENT STRESSORS AFFECTING THE USLS’ LEVEL 3 NURSING STUDENTS’ ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AND THEIR COPING MECHANISMS Nursing Research Proposal Presented to The Faculty College of Nursing In Partial Fulfilment Of the Requirements In Nursing Research I-RLE by BN3D-Group2 Dalu
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  • Online and Offline Social Networks : Use of Social Networking Sites by Emerging Adults
    Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology 29 (2008) 420–433 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology Online and offline social networks: Use of social networking sites by emerging adults☆ Kaveri Subrahmanyam a,b,⁎, Stephanie M. Reich c,
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  • Remediation Essay New Media Has Allowed for Texts to Be Created, Adapted and Distributed Through the Internet. User Content Creation Has Expanded Along with the Advent of Web 2.0 and the Social Networking Developments
    12194 Engaging Media 104 Semester 1, 2012 Bhupen Behary Paray 16317505 Module 1 introduction 1.1 Introduction How does the media engage you? How do you engage with the media? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ILQrUrEWe8&feature=player_embedded This video is one of many
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  • The Relation Ship Among Help Seeking Behavior, Leisure Seeking Behavior, Self Determination & Academic Performance Among Shashemene Health Science College Students
    The relation ship among help seeking behavior, leisure seeking behavior, self determination & academic performance among Shashemene health science college students By Fasil Nigussie A theses submitted to the department of psychology of Bahirdar university in partial fulfillment for Mast
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  • Social Networking
    Social Learning: Can Facebook and Related Tools Improve Educational Outcomes? ScienceDaily (May 9, 2011) — Online social networking sites, such as Facebook, can help students become academically and socially integrated as well as improving learning outcomes, according to a study by researchers in
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