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1.0 Introduction 2.0 The issue and the background to the debate 3.0 The social significance of the debate. 4.0 The participants in the debate 5.0 Differing opinions 5.1 Social networking can enhance the development of the young 5.1.1 5.1.2 Develops social skills Enhances technological skills 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 6

5.2 Social networking can endanger the development of the young 5.2.1 5.2.2 6.0 Conclusion Reference List Affects academic performance Affect their future through the loss of privacy


1.0 Introduction This report aims to explore the different views held on the impact social networking has on the young. The report will also provide background to the debate, its social significance, identify the parties involved and put forward the differing arguments related to the views held.

2.0 The Issue and background to the debate. The creation of the internet has transformed the twenty-first century world into a global village as online networking has gained tremendous popularity among people of all walks of life and ages especially among the young (Melissa, 2009; What is Social Networking, 2009).

3.0 The social significance of the debate. This growing popularity for online social networking has lead members of the public to question the effect this phenomenon can have on young developing minds which are vulnerable and open to learning and easily influenced (Daily Mail Reporter, 2010; Goff, 2009; ScienceDaily, 2008; Kerrison, 2006). Thus, the question here is will the impact of social networking enhance the development of the young or endanger their future?

4.0 The participants in the debate. The main participants in this debate are researchers, teachers and members of society who have expressed differing views on social networking and the influence it has on young minds (Daily Mail Reporter, 2010; Goff, 2009; ScienceDaily, 2008; Kerrison, 2006).

5.0 The differing views. 5.1 Social networking can enhance the development of the young There are many who are of the opinion that social networking positively influences the young by empowering and educating them.



Develops social skills Supporters of this argument claim that social networking provides an avenue for expanding one‟s circle of friends, and the diversity of individuals almost guarantees finding someone with similar interests, and encountering new cultures, languages, views and opinions (What is social networking, 2009). This in turn encourages open-mindedness among the users and offers infinite opportunities for the development of individuals. According to Goff, (2009) “...the digital world is creating new opportunities for young people to grapple with social norms [and] explore interests...”. Hence, it is believed that, personal and social skills

obtained through social networking will prove invaluable in the real world.


Enhances technological and creative skills A study by the University of Minnesota revealed that students attribute their technology skills and creativity to social networking sites (ScienceDaily, 2008). In their opinion, students develop positive attitudes towards technology systems as they edit and customize their personal pages (ibid). They also create online designs and layouts to their liking, and share it with their peers or the general public. This provides them with constructive feedback that allows for improvement without cost (Tripp, cited in Goff, 2009). Christine Greenhow, a learning technologies researcher, agrees that “the websites offer tremendous educational potential” (cited in ScienceDaily, 2008). Thus, their learning is selfdirected and provides a freedom for learning from one another instead of adults (Tripp, cited in Goff, 2009). Hence the belief that social networking provides the opportunity for...
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