• The effects of social networking in the performance of the 3rd year english student of cagayan state university-sanchez mira campus
    THE EFFECTS OF SOCIAL NETWORKING ON THE PERFORMANCE OF ENGLISH MAJOR STUDENTS Research Proposal Presented to the Faculty Of the College of Teacher Education Cagayan State University Sanchez Mira, Cagayan In Partial Fulfillment of The Requirements for the Physical Science and Application
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  • Social class and academic performance
    Class Status and Academic Performance Introduction “Who fails and who succeeds in America's schools? For sociologists of education, the significance of this question rests with the fact that academic performance is socially stratified” (O’Connor, 2001, p. 159). Unfortunately, this paper w
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  • Effect of internet on student academic performance
    Syracuse University SUrface Child and Family Studies - Dissertations David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics 12-1-2011 E Effects of Internet Use on Academic Achievement and Behavioral Adjustment among South Korean Adolescents: Mediating and Moderating Roles of Parental Factors S
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  • Effect of child labour in academic performance
    The Impact of Child Abuse on Academic Performance of Youths in Calabar-South Local Government Area 1OTU, Judith E, 1USHIE, M.A, 2DAVID, E.O, 3IFERE, Akase Blossom E 1Department of Sociology, University of Calabar, Nigeria 2Department of Technical Education, Cross River University of Technology,
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  • Effect of study habits on academic performance of high school students
    Name:___________________________ Level/Section:______________ Date:_________ SY:______ Study Habits Survey The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you get information about how well you study right now. As you examine the results, you will discover your areas of strength and of weakness.
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  • The effect of social networking sites
    1 Lessons from Facebook: The Effect of Social Network Sites on College Students’ Social Capital 1 Sebastián Valenzuela 2 , Namsu Park 3 , and Kerk F. Kee 4 University of Texas at Austin Submitted to the 9th International Symposium on Online Journalism Austin, Texas, April 4-5, 2008 We wish to
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  • Effect of ict on the academic performance of students
    CHAPTER ONE Introduction 1.1 Background of the Study Information and communication technology (ICT) is an instructional technology to enhance teaching and learning in pre schools, it is the application of organized or scientific knowledge to practical tasks of teaching and learnin
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  • Could the use of online social networking for academic purposes enhance or endanger the student experience at university?
    I.F.P 100 Could the use of online social networking for academic purposes enhance or endanger the student experience at university? Ms.Louise Edensor Poroma Pant M00 338263 Could the use of online social networking for academic purposes enhance or endanger the student experience at unive
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  • The influence of social networking and study habit on academic performance
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  • A study on the effect of internet use and social capital on the academic performance
    DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIETY Volume 35 Number 1, June 2006, pp. 107~123 A STUDY ON THE EFFECT OF INTERNET USE AND SOCIAL CAPITAL ON THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE* BAE YOUNG Soongsil University This study examined the condition of Internet use and social capital, as well as its effects on teenager’s aca
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  • Social networking effects
    Social networking has become a very popular way of communication in today’s society. Social networking is the practice of expanding the number of one's business and/or social contacts by making connections through individuals (Rouse 2006). There are many social networking websites such as: Facebo
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  • The effects of social networking sites to the academic performance of the students
    The Effects of Social Networking Sites to Academic Performance of the Students ABSTRACT Title : The Effects of Social Networking to the Academic Performance of the Students The purpose of the study was to determine the effects of social networking to the academic performance of the stu
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  • Social media's negative effect on academic performance
    Social Media's Negative Effect on Academic Performance Researchers with the Miriam Hospital's Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine say social media has a negative impact on academic performance of freshmen students, the Science Daily reported. Researchers show a link between social med
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  • Effects of social networking sites on academic performanc of obafemi awolowo university sttudents
    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1. Background to the study Social networking is a growing field in this contemporary world. Social networking sites make it possible for people to interact with absent others in the society. Social networking sites also allow people or users
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  • Effects of social networking on society
    EGERTON UNIVERSITY Nakuru Town Campus Dennis Muli MTB/40268/09 EFFECT OF SOCIAL NETWORKING ON SOCIETY 16th Dec 2010 INTRODUCTION Networking as we know it today has gone a notch higher thanks to the internet and technology as a whole. The number and popularity of social networks ha
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  • Social networking sites
    [pic] DECLARATION We hereby declare that all the work presented in the project report entitled “The Effect of Social Networking Sites on the Personal Lives of the People” of the subject Business Research Methods at ICFAI , IBS Gurgaon is an authentic record of our own work carried out unde
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  • Extra-curricular to academic performance of various organizations
    Chapter 1 The Problem and its Setting Introduction In educational institution, success is measured by academic performance. Students were exposed to established a foundation and to meet the standards of school set-up. With that, education is the road to success in the working world. Much effort
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  • Effects of love of academic performance
    College life can be stressful, although it is undoubtedly one of the most memorable experiences in one's life. It represents a critical developmental period for both late adolescents and young adults (Chickering, 1969). Social factors such as romantic relationships, organizations and clubs, and spor
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  • Preference for a learning environment and academic performance of students in a selected college of nursing
    CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM Introduction Learning environment refers to the physical characteristics of the surroundings of the students when learning. These may vary depending on environmental elements such as sound, light, temperature, and design (Tenedero, 2009). Sound is the first element of the
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  • Social networking
    SOCIAL NETWORKING Abstract Social networking sites were first established in 1995. Its purpose was focused on bringing people together to interact with each other through chat rooms and share personal information and ideas around any topics through personal homepage publishing tools. Today, socia
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