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Definisi Pengendalian Intern

TEORI Sistem Pengendalian Intern 1. Pengertian Sistem Pengendalian Intern Sistem Pengendalian Intern merupakan istilah yang telah umum dan banyak digunakan berbagai kepentingan. Istilah Pengendalian intern diambil dari terjemahan istilah “Internal Control” meskipun demikian penulis menterjemahkan sebagai pengawasan intern, untuk istilah tersebut hal ini tidaklah menjadi masalah karena tidak mengurangi pengertian Sistem Pengendalian Intern secara umum. ...

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intern lifr

Dr. Patrick Wiita, an intern at Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center, took time out of his hectic schedule to give us a candid snapshot into a day of his intern experience at one of the nation's busiest hospitals. 5 a.m.: Second alarm goes off—the real one this time. I learned to set two alarms to feel I'm sneaking in an extra half hour of sleep. Get out of bed, shower, get dressed. Today it's scrubs because my team is on call. 5:30 a.m.: Drive to work. Luckily it's early so traffic isn't...

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Intern Paper

because it basically does all the tasks for you as long as you enter the correct data needed. Another responsibility I had to do on a daily basis was entering invoices from retailer that needed to be paid. The project managers, as well as the other interns in the office, had to place all invoices they used for the projects so that Ross would be able to send out a check. The invoices must first be sent to Steven, who was usually the project manager, and not directly to the accounting office. The purpose...

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massachusetts intern affidavit

Professional Credential Services, Inc. PO Box 198788 ~ Nashville, TN 37219-8689 Preceptor’s Affidavit of Internship Hours This form is to be submitted each time an intern completes training at a new location. This form must be filed for each intern supervised by the preceptor. A Name of Intern:___________________________________ *Intern Reg. #_______________________ First Last (Must be included) Intern’s E-mail address:_________________________________________________________________ ...

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Pengendalian Strategis

PENGENDALIAN STRATEGIS M. Suyanto www.msuyanto.com 9.1. Pengendalian Organisasi Pengendalian organisasi terdiri dari tiga jenis, yaitu pengendalian strategis, pengendalian manajemen dan pengendalian operasional. Pengendalian strategis merupakan proses dari evaluasi strategi, yang dilakukan baik strategi tersebut dirumuskan dan setelah diimplementasikan. Pengendalian manajemen berfokus pada pencapaian sasaran dari berbagai substrategi bersesuaian dengan strategi...

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 PRACTICAL TRAINING REPORT (PAC 600) AUGUST 2014- JANUARY 2015 PREPARED BY: MUHAMMAD HAFIZ BIN RUMLI 2011673994 BACHELOR IN ACCOUNTANCY (AC 220) PLACE OF TRAINING: KHAIRUDDIN HASYUDEEN & RAZI SUBMITTED TO: DATE OF SUBMISSION: STUDENT PROFILES Name : Muhammad Hafiz Bin Rumli Matrix No: 2011673994 Address: F-G-12, Apt Dahlia, Taman Bunga Raya, Bukit Beruntung 48300 Rawang, Selangor. HP No : +6017-2243419 Email address: hafiz.rumli@yaho.com TABLE OF CONTENTS CONTENTS...

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Student Interns and Sexual Harassment

that Pepper supervised her in several areas, that she was not paid, and that she received various benefits including use of the company car, participation in the firm’s life insurance policy and training. Possible Google search terms might include “intern(ship),” “Title VII employee,” “unpaid,” and “workplace.” Because this case will be brought in the Eastern District of Wisconsin, it will be in the 7th Circuit. I found this out by Googling “Circuit Court map.” The results yielded the U.S. Courts’...

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Hotel Intern Report

First 400-Hour Report This report views the my first experience and evaluation as a front office intern at Traders Hotel Yangon which is a chain hotel of Shangri- La resorts and hotels. As a front office intern, I have to rotate among 7 departments of the front office including the operator department, business center, Traders Club Lounge department, Mini Mart, Concierge, Reception and finally Guest Relation Officer Department. My internship period was 2 months so I was assigned at one department...

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Do's and Don'Ts of an Intern

An intern is someone who works in a temporary position with an emphasis on on-the-job training rather than merely employment, making it similar to an apprenticeship. Interns are usually college or university students seeking skills for a new career. Student internships provide opportunities for students to gain experience in their field, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, and gain school credit. Here are some Dos and Don’ts to be observed during...

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Intern Communicatie Beleidsplan

Studieopdracht PON; internationaal handelsconcern, dealer van Audi en Volkswagen, een onderneming die duidelijke heldere lijnen heeft uit staan betreft communicatie, zowel intern als extern. Een onderneming die is uitgegroeid tot een groep, een groep waarbij alle neuzen de dezelfde kant op staan. Omdat zij flink zijn doorgegroeid, wordt het lastiger om de interne communicatie te overzien en worden de standaard richtlijnen hiervoor overschreden en deels niet meer herkend. Daarbij streeft het...

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OJT Intern Scrapbook

Table of Contents: Chapter One: Brief History/Background of the Company • Company Profile. Chapter Two: Weekly Progress Reports Compilation • Job Description and/or Work Instructions as an intern for both TS and SD. • Log of Practicum Hours and Learning Activities. • Seminar Certificates. Chapter Three: Assessment of Practicum Program/Summary of Internship • What have I learned from the experience? • My experiences with the people around me. • The most memorable event during my...

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My Intern Experience

My Intern Experience The Registrar Office performs many tasks for the school on an everyday basis. A task that is performed is to receive and verify admissions with all new students. This is done to basically make sure all the incoming students have the documents that are necessary to be properly admitted into Rust. Another service that is done is to modify a student’s record when properly asked to. What is being modified is the student’s permanent address, major, name corrections, etc. Some...

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Moaz kassam: consulting intern

second to none, and Kassam should start to consider his misfortunes as part of the game. 3- As Kassam, what would you do now? Why? How? As Kassam, I would be really confident in my abilities and qualifications to do a proper job, even as an intern. I’ll maintain self confidence and stick to my plan to pursue a career in consulting that would solidify my learning and prepare me to become a successful entrepreneur. Kassam failed to meet the expectations of his direct boss, even though the mistakes...

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2011 Treasury Intern Job Description

2011 Treasury Intern Job Description Apollo Group, Inc. is the Phoenix-based parent company of the University of Phoenix, the Institute for Professional Development, the College for Financial Planning, Western International University, and Apollo Global. Through its subsidiaries, Apollo Group has established itself internationally as a leading provider of higher education programs for working adults. Required: Resume and Transcript ------------------------------------------------- General...

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Intern Report

and hence it portrays the overall image for bank (or any institution). Customer's attitude towards any firm is determinde mostly by the response of CSD and hence CSD is taken as the key part in service industry, including bank. Internship of the intern is mainly focused on Customer Services provided by the RBB. Customer Service is the face of an organization and front office of any organization. It is the most vital department where customers receive due cares and makes an early impression to the...

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Experience as a Credit Suisse Operations (Settlements) Intern

Being recruited as an intern at CS was something I was looking forward to. For one, I have always envisioned working in a bank upon graduation. Interning at CS was thus a big step towards fulfilling my goal. At the same time, it was a real test to determine if the notorious hours of banking would be suitable for me. All Credit Suisse interns were given a one day orientation on their first day of work. CS’s human resource manager, Carolyne Philips, gave a comprehensive overview of the organization...

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Intern Report

customers by dealing with polite nature. 4.3 Limitation of the study Though the intern has tried his best to complete the project work through his best effort, there are certain limitations that bind this project work. These limitations can be mentioned as follow: * Due to the limited time frame it was impossible to study all the activities of organization * Due to confidentiality of different departments, the intern was not fully allowed to access and not provided all the required data for study...

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intern proposal

Internship Proposal On A Study on over all activities and performance of United Commercial Bank Ltd. (UCBL) Submitted To TASNEEM TARANNUM LECTURER Department of Business Administration Northern University Bangladesh Prepared by Nur Sumiya ID: BBA090102962 Department of Business Administration Northern University Bangladesh Date of Submission 25th October, 2013 Internship Proposal 25th October, 2013 To Tasneem Tarannum Lecturer Department of Business...

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intern report

against the grade beam structure. After the above listed activities were done filling concrete took place. 77571629261 Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 6 hardcore with top reinforcement2.9 Stair work The preparation of stair structure in my intern ship site started after we finished the construction of ground floor elevation column. The form work of stair was prepared in the following manner. Following mid-height of the Columns we pulled strings connecting the two points. Then we prepared sloppy...

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SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY, TOURISM & CULINARY ARTS HTM 2433/2533/2633/2733 INTERNSHIP (1) INTERNSHIP REPORT Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (Hons) Bachelor of Culinary Arts & Food Service Management (Hons) Bachelor of International Tourism Management (Hons) (Events Management) Bachelor of International Tourism Management (Hons) (Travel & Recreation Management) Name of the Student Student ID Batch N° / Intake: Name of the Company Internship Dates SUBMISSION DATE: 22 APRIL 2013 (Monday)...

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Accounting Intern

industry partner, and are completed concurrently with other subjects in which the student is enrolled. Students participate in projects or perform specific roles as agreed with the industry partner, and these are designed to challenge and develop the intern to undertake real-work tasks that contribute to the organisation. This is in contrast to typical traditional internships, where the focus can be on general clerical duties (Swindle & Bailey 1984). In addition to the work placement, the program is...

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Intern Performance Development Process

         Marathon Oil Company - Intern/Co-op Performance Development Process (PDP)  Intern/Co-op Name: Anthony O. Tufour Assignment: Process Safety Management Group Intern Employee Number: Organization: Michigan Refining Division Mentor/Advisor Name: Evaluation Period: January 2011 - Supervisor Name: Cindy Budrick Graduation Date: Number Of Internships/Co-ops with Marathon: 1?    Performance Development Process The goals of the Intern/Co-op Performance Development Process are to provide...

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My Intern

www.studymode.com/essays/Beauty-Definition-Essay-1094070.htmlRelated Essays. Beauty Definition Essay ... Audrey Hepburn, a beautiful woman both inside and out once said, "For beautiful eyes, look for... 3 Pages December 2013 .Definition Of Beauty - Essay by Essaysreader www.antiessays.com/free-essays/111647.htmlDefinition of Beauty To what extent is physical beauty important to a person’s life? Does it bring success or happiness if a person is beautiful? .Definition Of Beauty Free Essays 1...

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Internship: Psychology and Intern

This paper will also encompass what the overall benefit was to the intern and what, if any, changes could be made to the experience to allow a more well rounded experience. The intern involved in the Internship requirement will outline a number of topics that were covered that were highly instrumental to the overall experience and how such an experience has changed him and his overall view of the next step in his process. The intern will attempt to impart the value and wisdom that was passed on to...

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Intern Report

Industry Overview In its broadest sense remittances refer to cash or in kind transfers from one place to another. The main reason for the renewed attention is the growing volume of official financial remittances to low income countries and their potential contribution to the economic development of the receiving regions. According to estimates of the World Bank (2005) developing countries received 126 billion US$ in 2004 in official remittances.  Since independence in 1971, Bangladesh has received...

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Typical Accounting Intern Responsibilities

Typical Accounting Intern Responsibilities in Public Accounting Firms The goal of an internship in accounting is to apply knowledge acquired in the classroom to real-world situations, as well as gain the skills and experience that is necessary to prepare the student for a successful career in accounting. UW Oshkosh Accounting Highlights: Accounting students at UW Oshkosh join over 2800 accounting alumni at UW Oshkosh. Many of our accounting students have aspirations to become CPAs. The UW Oshkosh...

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Internship: Intern and Raffles Design Institute

(one term of study undertaken by the student). Please find enclosed documents listed below for your information of our internship program:- I. Raffles Design Institute Internship Agreement (kindly return a signed copy) II. Important notice for interns III. Student Internship Evaluation Form (For Company to complete and return immediately after internship) Prior to start of the internship program, the student will have to report to the Company for briefing. A report on the internship program needs...

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Robi Intern Report

a student to compare theoretical ideas learned in the classroom within the world of work. • It permits a student to apply the technical skills learned in the classroom to real world problems. I have prepared this report while working as an intern in Robi Axiata Ltd. This report is based on “Marketing of Robi Axiata Ltd”. I have also covered information regarding the organizational overview and what I did and learned everyday in Robi Axiata Ltd. 1.2 Objectives of the Study There are two...

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Intern Report on Sjibl

Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1. Origin of the Report This report is prepared as an internship report which is a mandatory requirement for successful completion of BBA program under University of Rajshahi and which aims to reflect the professional view of real world working environment. This internship report is required to submit after fulfilling 90 days of working experience in an organization as a trainee. I got proper supervision of my academic supervisor A K M Abdul Mazid, Professor, Department...

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Differences between domestic and intern

 Differences between domestic and international marketing Domestic marketing is a market within a country’s own region and aims to only a set of specific customers. Domestic marketing is affected by both controllable and uncontrollable factors. Trading in domestic market is done in two ways: Wholesale Trade: Purchasing goods from manufacturers in bulk and selling them to intermediaries or end customers. Retail Trade: Purchasing goods from wholesalers and selling them to consumers in small quantities...

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Intern Resume Sample

Effective Internship Resume Template Sample Internship Resume Template Internship Resume Template by iSoftwareReviews.com Let find out... Note: The sections which are highlighted in light red color including Experience, Training and Workshop, Awards and Honors and Volunteer Experience are not necessary (optional) for internship resume. But if you have them, it would add more power to your resume. You can see in more detail on how to write an effective internship resume tips by clicking...

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Spanning the Globe - Intern. Hr

International Human Recourse Management 11.08.2013 In the role of Eric 1. Summarize your thoughts on the problems, alternative solutions and your strategy on how to proceed at the forthcoming meeting. Fred´s first assignment was in 1983, when he went to Scotland and proved succesful. The second assignment to Mexico did not go very well, caused by economic problems. The third assignment to India was the most unsuccessful in Fred´s career. You may see the difference in culture between Scotland,...

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Intern Ship Report

THREDZ INTERNSHIP REPORT Submitted by: Kamran Umar Abbasi Submitted on: 19th February 2010 THREDZ INTERNSHIP REPORT BY KAMRAN UMAR ABBASI This Internship submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Textile Design, from the Asian Institute of Fashion Design. DEPARTMENT OF TEXTILE DESIGN ASIAN INSTITUTE OF FASHION DESIGN February 2010 Contents 1. Thredz Introduction 2. Background of Thredz ...

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Principal Intern Reflection

Policy Selection Background The selection of the open enrollment policy for analysis was based on the importance of this policy as it relates to the mission, and financial situation at Champion Schools as well as the emotion associated with it since its adoption in 2005. The primary reason Champion chose to have an open enrollment policy was because Champion was faced with continual revenue loss year after year that showed no signs of improvement. By deciding to adopt an inter-district open enrollment...

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Intern Report Sample

(highly recommended) and a formal validation of the experience on their transcripts. They receive the additional formal guidance and mentoring of an academic coordinator, who is familiar with their classroom learning and is experienced in helping interns plan, monitor, evaluate and reflect on their learning. PART 2 2.0 Problems in the Company Problems in Marketing Marketing is an important process by which companies create customer interest in goods or services. It generates the strategy that...

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Proposal for Intern-Ship Affiliation Report

Understand the various steps of recovery. * To understand the needs and objectives of Credit management. * To suggest general and specific guideline for the total improvement of credit services of NBL. Submitted by: Name of the Student Intern: Emon Foyez Ahmed ID No: 09-13508-1 Major: Accounting & Finance Date: 24.03.2013 ACTION BY THE SUPERVISOR: Approved __________ Disapproved __________ ...

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Intern Report on Standard Chartered Bank

solutions over phone log the problems in complaint sheet and provide other service regarding cards. 3.5 Challenges of work Standard Chartered Grindlays being an International Bank has a very friendly and helpful working environment. Being an intern the most challenging work for me was to perform my daily job properly. I had to be very sincere and alert while serving customer as any mistake done by me could do a great harm to the bank and its reputation. The work environment at Standard Chartered...

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Intern Report on Brac Bank Limited

flung team fully motivated and driven towards materializing the bank's vision into reality. Chapter # 03 My Internship Experience • Job Description • Critical Observation • Areas Need to Improve 3. My Internship in BRAC Bank HRD As an intern I was given all the liberty to work freely in BRAC Bank HRD. I was given specific tasks periodically which were important for the department. The first six weeks I worked with the Recruitment wing. Then the subsequently three weeks I worked with the...

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Penelitian Coso

perusahaan, serta pengendalian intern yang terdapat dalam perusahaan. Tujuannya adalah untuk membantu pimpinan perusahaan (manajemen) dalam melaksanakan tanggungjawabnya dengan memberikan analisa, penilaian, saran, dan komentar mengenai kegiatan yang di audit. Untuk mencapai tujuan tersebut, internal auditor melakukan kegiatan– kegiatan berikut: – Menelaah dan menilai kebaikan, memadai tidaknya dan penerapan sistem pengendalian manajemen, struktur pengendalian intern, dan pengendalian operasional lainnya...

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Referensi 1 Globalisasi dan Perbedaan Sistem Politik Ekonomi antar Negara - Alasan dan Pendorong Utama Globalisasi - Sistem Politik, Ekonomi, dan Hukum - Faktor Penentu Perkembangan Ekonomi HB bab 1 & 2 GP bab 1 & 2 2 Budaya dan Etika - Definisi Kebudayaan - Struktur Sosial - Agama dan Sistem Etika - Kebudayaan dan Lingkungan Kerja HB bab 3 & 4 GP bab 4 & 5 3 Lingkungan Investasi & Perdagangan Global Teori perdagangan Internasional - Merchantilism - Absolute Advantage - Comparative...

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Intern evaluation and final exam review module 3 civics online appleton eschool

challenge? My greatest challenge during my internship was getting 3 bad grades. What I did to manage this challenge was I went back and read the teacher’s comments about what I did wrong and how I can fix it. What lessons did you learn from your intern experience that you will you take with into future life and career opportunities? Always take my time and read the questions. Please answer the following questions with as much detail as possible. Remember this is intended to serve also as a review...

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Intern Report

REPORT On Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste & Future trend in Bangladesh SUBMITTED TO Prof. Hasan Taufiq Registrar School of Business Dhanmondi SUBMITTED BY Mohammad Shahadath Hossain ID No-03409321 MBA Marketing Dhanmondi Campus 9 September, 2008 Prof. Hasan Taufiq Registrar School of Business Stamford University , Bangladesh. Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Subject: Submission of Internship Report. Dear Sir, With due respect to I beg to submit my internship report. I have done it on “Tradesworth...

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Pharmacy Intern


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Intern Report

Two types of reports:- Technical Report: suitable for a target audience of researchers, research managers or other people familiar with and interested in the technicalities such as research design, sampling methods, statistical details etc., Popular Report: suitable for: a more general audience, interested mainly in the research findings as it is non-technical in nature. The writing style is designed to facilitate easy and rapid reading and understanding of the research findings and recommendations...

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Intern Report

Introduction: Human Resources Management (HRM) is a new concept. It is a combination of HR, Accounting, Management, Financial Management and Economics. Globalization to would economy has exposed the corporate business organization to worldwide competition, mobilization of professional manpower and modern quantitative management practice. So, there are growing realization cannot achieve its goal effectively and efficiently. To face this complex management challenge, effective objectively measurable...

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Pengelola Resiko Usaha

analisis risiko, evaluasi resiko, perlakuan resiko dan monitoring & review. 3. COSO COSO atau Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission adalah sebuah organisasi yang menyediakan pedoman tata kelola organisasi, etika bisnis, pengendalian internal, manajemen resiko usaha (ERM), pencegahan penipuan dan pelaporan keuangan. COSO dibentuk pada tahun 1985 sebagai aliansi dari lima lembaga akuntansi profesional, yaitu american Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), American...

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Principal Intern

PRINCIPAL INTERSHIP FINAL REPORT- Cohort A Presented to The Faculty of Educational Leadership Lamar University In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Principal Internship program in Educational Leadership by Christopher M. Adams February 2011 Career and Leadership Goals As I embarked into this higher education path I wanted nothing more than...

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National Bank General Banking Intern Report

clients. While preparing this report, I had a great opportunity to have in depth knowledge of all the banking activities practiced by the National Bank limited. 1.6 Limitations of the Study: The present study was not out of limitations. But as an intern it was a great opportunity for me to know the banking activities of Bangladesh specially National Bank Ltd. Some restraints are disclosed bellow: ♣ The main constraint of the study is insufficiency of information, which was required for the study...

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Audit Atas Siklus Penggajian

penggajian merupakan bidang yang menyebabkan pemborosan sejumlah besar sumber daya perusahaan karena inefisiensi atau pengujian melalui fraud. Audit atas siklus penggajian dan personalia meliputi perolehan pemahaman atas struktur pengendalian intern, penetapan resiko pengendalian, pengujian substantif atas transaksi, prosedur analitis dan pengujian terinci atas saldo. Tujuan Audit Terhadap Siklus Penggajian Dan SDM Audit terhadap transaksi penggajian beserta rekening yang terkait dengannya, antara...

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Audit Beban Dibayar Dimuka

secara wajar sesuai dengan standar akuntansi yang berlaku umum. Auditor dalam rangka pelaksanaan audit terhadap saldo rekening kas menghadapi kemungkinan adanya risiko deteksi yang pada dasarnya dipengaruhi oleh tingkat risiko melekat dan risiko pengendalian. Mengingat transaksi yang terbentuk dalam siklus ini demikian besarnya (berpengaruh terhadap ke lima siklus yang lain) dengan sendirinya risiko melekat yang ada dalam siklus ini juga sangat tinggi. Oleh karenanya tujuan audit untuk memperoleh keyakinan...

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Intern Report On General Banking Of Janata Bank

Ltd. (JB) gave me that opportunity to work as an intern. JB has countrywide branch network thorough, which they provide a comprehensive banking service to their customers, which includes wealthy individuals, corporate clients and financial institutions. Customer’s satisfaction is the top priority of the bank. Bank in its goal has mentioned that customer’s expectations will be meeting through innovative financial products and services. As an intern of Janata Bank Limited I was provided with the topic...

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Good Governance

Akuntansi Sektor Publik dan Good Governance Pengertian governance dapat diartikan sebagai cara mengelola urusan-urusan publik. World Bank memberikan definisi governance sebagai ”the way state power is used in managing economic and social resources for development of society”. Sementara itu, United Nation Development Program (UNDP) mendefinisikan governance sebagai “the exercise of political, economic, and administrative authority to manage a nation’s affair at all levels”. Dalam hal ini, World...

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 TUGAS SISTEM PENGENDALIAN MANAJEMEN SOAL 1-4 Nama perusahaan : XEROX 1. Ringkasan dari sistem Pengendalian XEROX System pengendalian manajemen dimulai dari proses perencanaan masing-masing unit operasi dalam sebuah divisi bisnis atau divisi operasi konsumen dan mengembangkan rencana-rencana tahunan dan jangka panjangnya. Melalui LTQ (Leadership Through Quality) dan tolak ukur kompetitif manajemen melakukan ukuran-ukuran operasional seperti pangsa pasar, kepuasan konsumen dan berbagai statistika...

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Are Unpaid Internships ethical?

Are Unpaid Internships ethical? Slide 1: Background Many Interns are constantly being abused. Many employers see internships as a way to use college kids to do the work that no one else wants to do for free. Companies take full advantage of college students in need of internships because they know that it today’s world it is nearly impossible to get a job without having some type of prior experience in their field. A majority of unpaid internships are legal, but are they ethical? This is...

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Technology solution provider is accepting resumes from college students for an internship as Accounting Intern

Technology solution provider is accepting resumes from college students for an internship as Accounting Intern. In this important role in our finance department, use technology to make our Account Management team properly configured for agreements, individual product sales and following up with vendors with payables. You may be the right fit if you are: 1 - a Junior or Senior college student going to school IN Connecticut OR live in Connecticut 2 - Enrolled in any of these degree programs: Business...

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Intern Report-Prime Bank

CHAPTER: 1 INTRODUCTION: Prime Bank Ltd is a fast growing private bank. In Prime Bank has focused for providing high quality customer service at a very competitive price. PBL efforts are directed at diversification of product and service. Offering customers a wide variety of choices and options have remained cornerstone of their business strategy. In this backdrop PBL has launched credit card business in collaboration with a global player like Master Card. Master Card is one...

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Intern Report on Exim Bank

Chapter One Introduction Chapter 1: Background of the Study 1.1 INTRODUCTION After completion of 8 semesters in the BBA Program of the Department of Management Studies, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, I prepared my internship report on An Analysis of Managerial Practices in EXIM Bank Limited, Imamganj Branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh. . In the report it has gone through the standard operating procedures carried out by the bank and understood them well. The internship report...

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Real Estate Intern Report

The company analyzed and discussed in this analysis is one of many health insurance companies registered under the Security Exchange Commission. UnitedHealth Group Incorporated or commonly referred as, “United Health Group,” or the “Company is the central tenant which this paper will focus on.” The Company, which was formally known as Charter Med Incorporated, was founded by a group of physicians and health care professionals in 1974. Their main objective was to give consumers a broad variety of...

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Employment and Beneficial Work Experience

Interns Deserve Income Even though internships are still viewed as beneficial for students, some are beginning to argue that internships have become an easy source of free labor in tough times. Since job openings for young adults are quite scarce, the number of unpaid internships has sky rocketed over the years. For these reasons, federal and state regulators have been lead to believe that more employers are illegally using internships for free labor. The purpose of internships is to allow them...

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Intern Report on Banking Sector

Supervisor’s Approval This is to certify that a research work title “Credit Management Practices of the Private Banks in Bangladesh – A case study on Mutual Trust Bank Limited,” has completed under my supervision by “Mr. Shahidul Alam”, ID No : M122806 Student of MBA, International Islamic University Chittagong. This research work has been original one. It was not published earlier and not submitted to any other university. We therefore recommended this dissertation to accept for completion of...

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