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An Internship Report

Submitted By
Dinesh Karmacharya
Exam Roll No: 5327-08
T.U. Regd. No

Submitted To
Kantipur College of Business Management and Humanities Studies Faculty of Management
Tribhuvan University

In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of
Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
August 2012


I hereby, declare that the Internship Report entitled "Analysis of Operations at Worldlink Communication Pvt. Ltd." is a result of my own study/ research carried out in the year 2012 while working at Worldlink Communication Pvt. Ltd. Submitted to KCBMHS affiliated to Tribhuvan University in the form of partial fulfillment of the requirement of Bachelor in Business Administration undersigned in the supervision of Mr. Ssanjeev Pradhan. It has not been previously submitted to any other University or any other examination(s).

Dinesh Karmacharya

Foremost, I would like to express my deep and sincere gratitude to Worldlink Communication Pvt. Ltd. for providing me the exciting opportunity to be one of them and giving me thorough guidance and opportunities to move ahead with my internship objectives. My experience with Worldlink Communication Pvt. Ltd. was very memorable and educational. I found a lot of positive changes in my attitude, learning and behavior during this time. Since it is difficult to draw up a list of persons to be thanked those who have directly helped me in this report preparation is publicly acknowledged.

I deeply indebted to Mr. James Rajbhandari, for giving me this opportunity to undergo my internship in this organization. I also want to thank Mr. Niroj Joshi, Supervisior, Mr. Lojin Maharjan and Mr. Bhuwan Gautam for guidance during my internship. They constantly encouraged me and show the right direction from the first day till the completion of my internship at WorldLink Communication Pvt. Ltd. I would also like to thank Mr. Sindhu Dhakal, BBA Coordinator of KCBMHS for helping me during the internship study and to prepare internship report whose shared knowledge and suggestions was valuable in preparation of this report.

TitlePage No
Approval sheet
Letter from organization
Table of Contents
List of Tables
List of Figures
1.1 Background
1.2 Objectives of Internship
1.3 Methodology
1.3.1 Organization Selection
1.3.2 Placement
1.3.3 Duration
1.3.4 Activities performed
Chapter Two: Introduction of Internet Service Provider
2.1 ISP Industry in Brief
2.2 History of ISP Industry
2.3 The Internet Service Provider in Nepal
Chapter Three: Introduction of Organization
3.1 Introduction of WorldLink
3.2 Vision of WorldLink
3.3 Mission of WorldLink
3.4 Objectives of WorldLink
3.5 Core Values
3.6 Major Product of the Company
Internet Service Offered by WorldLink
3.8 Organizational Structure of WorldLink
3.9 WorldLink Offices in Nepal
3.10 SWOT Analysis
Chapter Four: Analysis of Activities Done and Problem Solved 4.1 Analysis of the Activities Done
4.2 Problem Solved
4.3 Limitation of Study
Chapter Five: Conclusion and Lesson Learnt
5.1 Conclusion
5.2 Lesson Learnt
5.3 Recommendation

1.1 Background
As a BBA student of 8th semester of Kantipur College of Business Management and Humanities Studies, affiliated to Tribhuvan University, it was obligatory to do an internship of eight weeks as a partial fulfillment of the course. This internship program is aimed at providing learning and exposure opportunities to students that is difficult to acquire theoretically. In the time period of eight weeks, I tried to maximize our contribution to the organization and to learn and improve our work related skills. So this first chapter of the report deals with the basic...
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