V. Solutions Towards an Effective Solid Waste Management in the Philippines

Topics: Waste management, Waste, Waste-to-energy Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: July 20, 2008
Solid waste management is a must because first & foremost, it is mandated by law. The law in the form of RA 90031 specifies an effective solid waste management to protect the public health from the spread and/or outbreaks of infectious diseases resulting from unattended solid wastes. Deriquito (2006)7, in describing Makati’s successful waste management, posits that “solid waste management is a responsibility of the society.”

Success in having an effective solid waste management can be attributed to a lot of factors: the strength of implementation of national mandates & local ordinances, the compliance of the people to the said mandates, and the supporting programs and/or offices which ensure the sustainability of the project.

The Urban Waste Expertise Programme (UWEP, 2002)8 conducted a case-study regarding the community participation in urban solid waste management in 2 different barangays, and ascribes much of the success in these areas to the “committed leadership and the support of the community members and other sectors.” They believe that “knowledge, attitude, behavior of the community members have to change before desired results are realized.” Truly, without the individual’s commitment to the project, all other variables would crumble. Although external assistances are very supportive, any project won’t be successful unless a “one-way top-down approach to community development” is employed. Agencies cannot just impose concepts and programs in the community. What is imperative is that community participation be encouraged at all times. Community members must realize their important role, task, and responsibility in carrying out an environmentally-safe solid waste management.

Various community management approaches (CMAs) may be utilized to encourage compliance to the solid waste management program. According the experience of UWEP (2002)8, CMAs may take many forms at different levels of the society.

… The CMAs can be formal. They are...
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