Pineapple Peelings to Vinegar

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Investigatory Project (Pineapple Peelings to Vinegar)

A. Background of the Study

A Pineapple is a fruit wherein you have to peel off the peelings to eat it, like any other fruits. The researchers chose this as their project to prove that Pineapple peelings have other uses. The researchers also noticed that the families in our country are very practical nowadays. Instead of throwing the peelings away, many families can earn something from it by using our experiment. They can produce a product and maybe start a business or they can produce it for their own use. The researchers wanted to prove that nothing in this world is useless and peelings count as useful materials too, and can somehow help people to use their creative minds to make things possible out of such wastes.

B. Statement of the Problem

Our country is experiencing economic crisis and many Filipinos do not have stable jobs. Our problem in waste management also has a huge impact on why the researchers chose this study to begin with. The wastes in market says it all.

C. Objectives

-To collect most of the peelings from Pineapple vendors and turn it into a vinegar that can be used in cooking or can be the start of a business. -To teach the vendors how to make vinegar out of peelings so that they can earn extra income.

D. Significance of the Study

The researchers find this study significant in a way that it can be a key to help families earn extra income if the process is performed well. With this study, people will be able to make their own vinegar and save enough money from buying vinegar every now and then.

E. Scope and Delimitation

This study was delimited to the preparation and implementation in a way that we only used specific fruit peelings. Namely the Pineapple peelings, we do not have any back up peelings for our study purposes. This study was also delimited to evaluation because it was confined to the responses of the student and the teachers. This study covers the use of Pineapple peelings that can be useful in both livelihood and environment-friendly aspects.


A. Materials and Equipments

Pineapple Peelings which can be found in markets and from stall vendors. - Sugar                                                 - Bottles - Strainer                                              - Yeast - Water                                                 - Knife

B. Treatment

1. Wash the peelings thoroughly.
2. Cut into cubes; transfer into a casserole and add enough water to cover. 3. Let it boil.
4. Strain and let cool to lukewarm.
5. Prepare all the needed containers.
6. For every four cups of juice, add 1 cup of sugar and 1/4 teaspoon yeast 7. Leave small amount of peelings into the juice
8. Fill into the bottles and ferment, do not disturb.
9. After a week, remove the peelings and add the vinegar starter. 10. Ferment for another week.
11. After 3 weeks, the product is available

Results and Discussions

A.  Findings

After many trials and errors, our product became a vinegar. The scent of pineapple was still present and the taste was very similar to the vinegar that can be sold from the market. The researchers used two models to represent the study. The first one contains Pineapple Peelings and the other one does not have. The duration of the Fermentation process was exactly the same. In both models, the researchers added vinegar starter to make it more appealing to the smell and at the same time convincing. At the first week, the yeast started to settle at the bottom. The researchers did not mind it because it is part of the experimentation.

B. Analysis of Data

The researchers observed that Pineapple peelings can be made into vinegar. The researchers' objective was pointed out and was implemented. The vinegar that is made from the extract of pineapple peeling can now be used as a substitute for the commercialized vinegar we often use.

pineapple peelings as vinegar
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