Hsc Food Technology

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HSC Food Technology

Assessment Task 2
Food Manufacture

Part A – Analysis and preparation
1. a) Select a preserve (jam, chutney, pickle) and submit a computer generated copy of the recipe. Strawberry jam recipe submitted.
b) Identify ALL raw materials that would be used in the production of your selected preserve. A raw material can be defined as any product that is used in the manufacture of another food. Strawberry jam

Ingredients – fresh strawberries, lemon, sugar
Materials – heat
Food additives – nil
Packaging – glass jars with lids.
c) Complete an accurate food order. If necessary, adjust quantities for a maximum of 2 jars of preserve. (Makes approximately600grams of jam.)
500gms fresh strawberries
500grams sugar
½ tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice
2. a) Identify FOUR reasons for preserving foods. Relate to your selected preserve. Strawberry jam
The main reasons for preserving strawberries as jam are:
To keep the fruit safe for human consumption in a state acceptable for the consumer and so reduce waste. To retain the nutritive value of the fruit.
To make strawberry jam available all year round which provides for a wider variety of choices in the consumers diet. To achieve economic viability for producers of strawberries by reducing seasonal fluctuations in availability.

b) Outline ALL principles of preservation used in the production of your preserve. Temperature control – micro-organisms grow or produce toxins in specific temperature ranges. The application of high temperature is used in the production of strawberry jam. Preservation method – sterilisation. Restriction of moisture – The amount of available water in the preserve will determine whether an organism can grow. The use of sugar in the production of strawberry jam reduces the available water. Exclusion of air – Most organisms require the presence of oxygen to grow. The heating of the preserve, strawberry jam and then the placement of the jam into...
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