National Cranberry Cooperative

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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| | |MGSC 6206 – Week 3 - Individual Written Assignment – National Cranberry Cooperation | | |

|National Cranberry Cooperative | |1/27/2013 |

1. Develop a process flow diagram for processing cranberries (both wet and dry). Show the capacities at the different stages.


2. What are the sources of variability affecting NCC’s operations? There are different sources of variability that are affecting NCC’s operations. • NCC received both fresh fruit and process fruit in its business. Fresh fruit is a labor-intensive process that uses more workers during a peak season. Process fruit is a highly mechanized process that uses different processes. There is no problem with fresh fruit processing, while it faced some problems in process fruit processing such as waiting time on unload process, increasing cost of trucks etc. (National Cranberry Cooperative, 1983). • NCC also used two types of harvesting system in this business such as water harvesting and dry harvesting. Water harvesting generated 20% more yield in the business as compared to dry harvesting. • It is also considerable that wet berries are directly sent to dechaffing units, while for dry berries, destoning process is necessary before dechaffing process. These are some variable sources that are used by NCC and that affect the NCC’s business operation and its effectiveness.

3. Suppose that a peak harvest-season day involves 18,000 barrels of berries, 70% of them wet harvested, arriving uniformly over a twelve-hour...
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