T'Boli Culture and the Threat of Modernity

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T'boli Culture and the Threat of Modernity

In Partial
Fulfillment of the Requirement
In Philosophy of Culture

Presented to:
Rev.Fr. Ramil Nerio

Presented by:
Kelvin C. Callejo

March 2011
Table of Contents

Title Page
Table of Contents
Review of Related Literature
I. The Philippine Tribe
II. The Philippine Native T’boli Culture
a. Infrastructure    
b. Social Organization
c. Clothing
d. Traditional Food
e. Traditional Crops

A. The Philippine T’boli

Chapter II: T’boli Culture:

Chapter III: The Impact of Modernization
A. T’boli and Modernity
B. Significance of Modernity in Tboli Culture




When we discuss culture, we cannot go away with creative activities, tools, innovation as sign modernity. Modernity can cause inculturation from one culture, dominating, to other culture, dominated. When there is inculturation or modernity it can result to extinction of one’s culture; replacing the former culture to a new. It leads to the notion: “Can there be extinction of one’s culture?”

We defined extinction as killing of1. Extinction is often associated to animal kingdom such as the extinction of the dinosaurs or wild life. There are many species that are on threat of extinction. But when we use extinction on culture, perhaps there are many things to be considered. The core of culture is the complex human being with all his aspects including his complex behavior. In animal extinction, animals literally die. But it is a different understanding when we talk about culture. We do not need to see dead people in culture in order to justify its extinction.

Culture is the product of man’s ultimate search for perfection, the means by which man is able to satisfy his needs and wants. Also at the same time culture becomes an instrument that helps man to develop himself. Man is limited yet given the innate capacity to transcend from a given facticity, therefore creates ways to overcome his limits, even errors and the moral evil which are inevitable.

The T’boli is one of the millions of tribes in the Philippines. They are considered to be people living in harmony with nature. Their main source of livelihood is found in the environment they live. The common occupation of people are fishing, hunting and farming.

In the fast pace of modernity happening in Mindanao, most of the tribes are highly affected. The culture that T’boli’s have is one of the most unique compared to other tribes. Their morals and practices are one with nature, mythical. Their famous piece of art, T’nalak, contains supernatural bearing. The designs are authentic since it is made only with a deep inspiration achieved after a dream.

On the one hand, their dreams are most probably products of their encounter with the environment. Now, if technologies, as form of modernity, are inserted into their culture, what do you think might happen to the T’boli culture.

Review of Related Literature

I. The Philippine Tribes
Of the 4.4 million Filipino tribes, 200 thousand are found in the province of South
Cotabato, in the island of Mindanao. The seven indigenous tribal peoples of South Cotabato comprise the estimated 25% of the total population of the province. The tribal people are the ancient people who have lived in the same area for over twelve centuries. Once, they were self-reliant hunter-gatherers but most are now destitute and hungry. Over 90% of their ancestral lands have been taken from them by those who took advantage of their naivety. The tribes are outnumbered and with no secured right. The tribal have their own beautiful arts and music, folklore about rocks, plants and wildlife of their homelands which is not written and will be lost,...
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