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Topics: Management, Learning, Assessment Pages: 2 (333 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Learning & Development – Assignment 1
1. Taking the example of the organization you worked for, use the Assessment Tool given on page 5 of the article, and assess the depth of learning in your organization. For scoring the criteria given therein, you may use any of the measuring scales you have learnt in your earlier course.

This exercise has been done for Deloitte & Touché and the External Audit service line. The scoring for the questionnaire is as follows (per the document) - 7 point scale for Supportive Learning Environment

- 7 point scale for Concrete Learning Processes and Practices - 5 point scale for Leadership That Reinforces Learning

Attached below is the scoring sheet for the 3 blocks

Comparing the scores with the benchmark scores given in the article, Deloitte’s scores are as follows:

* “Supportive Learning Environment” – Third Quartile * “Concrete Learning Processes and Practices” – between Top and Third Quartiles * “Leadership That Reinforces Learning” – Third Quartiles

2. Once you have assessed the depth of learning, make out an action plan to move your organization move towards a 'learning culture', along the guidelines given in the article.

According to these survey results and the guidelines in the article, Deloitte is doing well in the 2nd block of “Concrete Learning Processes and Practices”. Although not bad, we can see that Deloitte is pretty supportive of the Learning and the Leadership quadrants. * Emphasize on value-add to clients

* Support innovation
* Identify their strengths and development needs
* Sharing best practices followed
* Accept different viewpoints on issue

3. Summarize the main takeaways from the article - one you can use for developing a Learning Organization in the organization you will be joining soon. * Analyse market and trends and be ready to take on change * Learning environment should be supported

* Create, acquire and transfer...
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