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Western Governors UniversityLUT1 Self-Assessment for Students| |

Domain: LUT1 Language and Communication: Presentation

General Information:
This self-assessment form helps you determine your current level of readiness for this area of study. It is a starting point for you to begin preparation to demonstrate competency.   While some of the topics listed on this form may seem new to you on first glance, keep in mind that the learning resources will help you gain an understanding of these topics.  After filling out the self-assessment form, attend a “Getting Started” chat (details and times for the chats are located in the Learning Community) to learn more about developing competency in this area. If you are unable to attend a chat, would like a chat transcript, or would like further help interpreting this form, contact the course mentor for LUT1 via the “Contact a Mentor” icon in the course of study. In order to gain competency in this area, you should complete the activities listed in each week of the Course of Study (COS) and enroll in all available learning resources. The Course of Study (COS) can be found by going to your AAP and clicking on the Available Learning Resources link for this assessment. After completing the COS, you should return to the self-assessment form to determine progress made on development of the competencies. 

Using the scale provided, estimate your current level of understanding of the given topic (where 1 means “not at all” and 5 means “very well”). Carefully consider each topic and respond appropriately. If you rate your current level of understanding of a particular topic at a 3 or below, you should engage in the resources listed in the Learning Resources column to develop the related competencies.

TOPICAnswer the following questions on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 means “not at all” and 5 means “very well”| LEARNING RESOURCES| How familiar are you with creating a script for a presentation?□ 1...
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