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  • Published : August 30, 2011
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1. Consomme Royal – Chicken consommé garnished with savoury egg custard cut into any shape. 2. Consomme Celestine – Beef consommé garnished very thin pancakes made with fine herbs in the mixture. 3. Consomme Carmen – A beef consommé made with the flavor of tomato and pimento and garnished with dices of tomato ,juliennes of pimento, rice and springs of chervil. 4. Consomme Mercedes – beef or chicken C0nsomme flavored with dry sherry , garnished with small rings of red pimento and cockscomb. 5. Consomme Ambassadrice ( created by Escoffier for Rachel, wife of the French ambassador) – Chicken consommé garnished with dices of thre different types of royals .peas , tomatoes and truffles also diced chicken and mushroom. 6. Consomme Monte Carlo – Chicken consommé garnished with paysennes of carrot truffles,turnips and juliennes of savory pancakes made with fine herbs . 7. Consomme Bonaparte – Chicken consommé garnished with ordinary chicken quenelles. 8. Consomme Nesselrode – Chicken consommé garnished with profit roles half-filled with chestnut puree and onion puree and other half with duxelles. Consommé aileron- chicken consommé garnished with boned and stuffed chicken wings Consommé aurora- chicken consommé thickened and coloured with tomato puree and garnished with julienne of chicken Consommé belle fermiere- chicken consommé garnished with cabbage French beans and pasta. Consommé bergere- consommé based on oxtail, thickened and garnished with asparagus tips, wild mushrooms, tarragon leaves and chervil shreds. Consommé Blanc Manger- consommé based on chicken and garnished with green peas, chervil and small chicken tartlets served separately. Consommé canaclaise- a fish based consommé, thickened and garnished with oysters, julienne fillets of sole whiting quenelle. Consommé Cheveux d’Anges (angels hairs)- consommé based on chicken and garnished with angel hair pasta. Consommé columbine (columbar is the latin for pigeon) – chicken based...
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