E-Shopping Project Report

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E-Mart (Online Shopping)


Aditya Narayan Shukla


Under the guidance of:

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for qualifying DOEACC B Level

IT Industry is the most dynamic and young industry in the present world of Technology. It makes difficult for us to cope up individually with the pace at which computer technology is coming up. However, the efforts of Teammates, Colleagues, friends and Project Associates always help to carry out complex activities in a smooth way.

I express my sincere thanks and deep gratitude to all those people who extended their wholehearted cooperation and helped us in completing the project successfully.

I offer my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Pprajay Nagvanshi, for guiding me complete this project.

The main motivating force behind this project is my project guide Pprajay Nagvanshi and Mr.Hasan Abbas, Tech Lead, Logic Span India. His valuable guidance throughout the project cycle and putting in ample amount of time for clarifying my doubts at various stages throughout the development cycle of the project has been a key factor in the completion of the project.

Also I would like to thanks my friends Pawan, Satinder for motivating and helping me out.

Thanks to all!

To whom so ever it may concern

This is to certify that the Project / Dissertation entitled, E-Mart (Online Shopping) is a bonafide work done by Mr. Aditya Narayan Shukla (DOEACC Registration No: 449531) in partial fulfillment of B Level examination and has been carried out under my direct supervision and guidance. This report or a similar report on the topic has not been submitted for any other examination and does not form a part of any other course undergone by the candidate.

Signature of Guide / SupervisorName: Pprajay Nagvanshi

Place: Logic Span, GurgaonDesignation: Project Manager

Date: 03/06/2011Address: Logic Span
1240, Sector 4

Objective & Scope of the Project

Shopping online instead of going to a traditional store has emerged as a major trend amongst American consumers over the last decade. The tangibility of going into stores to touch and hold merchandise, talk to a knowledgeable salesperson for advice and reassurance and finally making a purchasing decision is becoming a thing of the past. A major shift is putting forth a different shopping experience and new consumer behavior - the new wave of an online commodity system. Consumers may browse numerous websites on the Internet and attempt to match what they want to the product or service information available. After much deliberation, a purchasing decision is made – whether right or wrong.

If a consumer who shops online knows exactly what they want to purchase, online shopping can be direct and hassle free, but if they are not exactly sure, it may be difficult to decide on a product without some additional assistance. In some cases an online consumer may not even know what they want or need in regards to use or features of a product, so they might be forced to decide based on product information given by a manufacturer or retailer without knowing what to expect until the product arrives.

Another problem that the online consumer faces in contrast to offline shopping is that online retailers have virtual warehouses of merchandise. In the past they may have had 20 digital cameras to offer a consumer, now retailers have hundreds of choices. Online retailers are attempting to help the online consumer navigate through stores and information repositories, as well as to assist the consumer in making a purchasing decision. To address this need, websites now offer the balance of professional and amateur product reviews. As a service...
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