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Successful businesses worldwide use computer-aided time management processes to keep things intact, predictable and under control. Enterprises utilize very complex solutions to track work time load and distribution of work time between various tasks an employee has to accomplish. Time is the key factor for determining work efficiency as well as business and personal performance. The highly competitive business environment demands that managers run their organizations leaner, faster and smarter - with fewer people and lower costs. The e-Job Card project tracking system allows controlling people, projects, time and costs - making information visible, available and accessible in real time to all of the employees in the organization. The e-Job Card is a full-featured web based time tracking, timesheet software. The e-Job Card allows to easily manage employee timesheets, approve timesheets and calculates payrolls, tracks project time and prepares invoices based on tasks and/or employees’ and contractors’ rates. The e-Job Card is software designed for those who need a customizable timesheet tracking and it is particularly convenient for accountants, consulting companies, contractors, IT specialists, temporary agencies and lawyers. This software reports flexible and customizable time and tasks. The e-Job Card is not just another time and attendance system, but it's a web based timesheet and project tracking application designed to satisfy both project management and finance at the same time, making the organization more efficient and reliable. Using an intuitive web based timesheet entry interface to the employees will be able to capture their time in a quick and efficient manner, reducing data entry times and speeding up the cost collection and reconciliation processes. All companies have to track and report on employee work. Collecting timesheet information from employees can be tedious, challenging and costly. To streamline the collection, e-Job Card Timesheet Software allows anyone with an internet connection to enter time and submit it for approval. Approval requests can be routed to managers, project managers, clients and HR members electronically. Managers can review resulting data to proactively make adjustments in employee schedules and client deliverables. Additionally by using the same application we are planning to evaluate the performance of an open source ORM tool (Hibernate) over plain JDBC. Most of the business applications work with relational databases. Moreover applications are being made faster and faster. It takes almost one third the time of creating application based on JDBC/SQL to make persistent tier. To work efficiently and faster developers reach for ORM technologies. ORM technologies mediates between object oriented architecture system and relational environment. There are both free and commercial packages available that perform object-relational mapping, although some programmers opt to create their own ORM tools. 1. Problem

The DailyTimesheet is the existing in-house legacy software, which has been used over several years to track the individual and project timesheets. There are several issues with existing timesheet system. Some of the major issues associated with the existing timesheet system are as follow. - Poor project tracking system.

- The system doesn’t track the time history for the projects over the years. This is a major disadvantage in case there is a need to quote again in a similar project. - It has become very difficult to calculate the efficiency of the individuals. Because there is no mechanism to compare the time required to complete the task and time taken by the individual. - The time database is not organized in a structured way nor is it convenient for accounting. - The project manager needs to compile the complete project-hours manually for the entire team members who worked on the project to...
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