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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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(How Microsoft Word Applications are used in Various Work Environments) “APA FORMAT”

“Excel is used in various retail stores to track their sales, hours that employees put in, it also Charts and graphs the growth their companies. Excel can also be used in our homes to track, and Help budget expenses, such as child care, shopping, travel, and hobby. Companies use Excel to Track mileages for trip expenses. Excel has a variety of formatting tools to help make worksheets Presentable. http://wiki.(answers.com )

“Word can create flyers, invitations, letters, and resumes for companies across the nation. Word is the nation’s core element in the work force .In able for employees to communicate the Punctuation, spelling, and grammar are corrected in professional levels. Like Excel, Word has Ribbon tools to help do many formatting techniques. http://wiki.(answers.com)

“Power point is used in colleges around the world to utilize the importance of going to class, Presenting on time assignments, and learning the use of the Microsoft program. PowerPoint Can be used to give any type of presentation in homes family events, businesses, community Events like the celebration of life or death. PowerPoint can create visual and audio slide shows. http://wiki.(answers.com)


“References” (How Microsoft Word is used in Various Work Environments) “APA FORMAT”

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