E-Commerce Revenue Model

Topics: Marketing, Internet marketing, Affiliate marketing Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: November 24, 2012
E-Commerce revenue models specifically describe different techniques used in generating income from the publisher's websites. As the e-commerce progress, the traditional revenue model of sales is expanded to more variety of revenue options and e-commerce business model. All of the large-scale hotel such as Shangri-La, Sheraton Seoul D-Cube City Hotel and others are more focus on e-commerce revenue models in order generate revenues from multiple income streams. Thus, all of these hotels were successful to use the e-commerce as a marketing strategy to increasing their customers. For the purpose to become a large scale hotel, Cube Hotel required to planning the e-commerce revenue as good as possible. With e-commerce, we can start a website and engage in the selling of our services, via the Internet. All online companies generate revenues from multiple income streams such as advertising, subscription, affiliate marketing. Consequently, we would like to discuss different of e-commerce revenue model which can implemented on the internet in order to earn revenue, produce profits, and produce a superior return on invested capital. First of all, Cube Hotel can generate revenue from sales revenue model. Sales model is sales of goods, merchandise information and services provided in the publishers' websites. Sales model is one of the revenue models that more suitable for our hotel to earn profits. We sell our own service directly without any third parties in transaction process. We must efficiency to introduce our hotel in website in order to easier our customers to booking without third parties and could make decision to booking any rooms without any complex process. Our hotel website should not be looks outdated compared to the competition because we need to use our website to attract more customers to launch its. Hence, we must create a window to our business that highlights the difference between our and our competitors. For example, our website must full of contents...
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