Pros and Cons of Web Access to Databases in Ecommerce

Topics: Hotel, Hotels, Destination hotel Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: July 6, 2005
This paper will discuss the pros and cons of Web access to databases in tourism ecommerce. As one of the fastest growing companies in the world, travel and tourism corporations are relying in the ecommerce for their businesses providing customers immediate access in some cases to real time databases in order to book their flights, hotel rooms, car rentals. Some of the "Pros" within the travel and tourism industry is having instant database access to look for good deals when vacationing. In most cases hotels, airlines and car rentals offer lower rates to consumers using the internet. "Travelers who used the Internet got cheaper room rates, however. The average room booked online cost $189 per night, compared with $217 for rooms booked over the phone." (Julie Dunn Denver Post Staff Writer, 2005). In another hand, having instant access to online databases has helped the travel distributors and hotels communities improve their performance. Pegasus solutions, the leading provider of hotel industry transaction processing solutions and electronic commerce services, powers the hotel reservations on many of the Internet's leading online travel sites. "The distribution service from Pegasus enabled TUI to create the best arrangement for the needs of our customers. We have been able to choose specific hotel chains and destinations for the TUI Hotel Portal among the thousands of properties in Pegasus' database."("Tui Interactive," 2004).

TUI interactive Selects Pegasus Solutions For Electronic Hotel Booking Capabilities. (2004, Dec 2nd). Business Wire. Retrieved April 11th, 2005, from UOP Reference Library Web site:

Julie Dunn Denver Post Staff Writer. (2005, April, 7th). Mountain tourism roams new terrain Travel-industry insiders meet in Aspen to discuss trends such as shorter trips and online bookings. The Denver Post, C. 02.
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