Will Pure Click Model Replace Traditional Brick and Mortar Model?

Topics: Dot-com bubble, Tim Berners-Lee, World Wide Web Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: June 19, 2012
Will pure click model replace traditional brick and mortar model?

Remember the time when our parents used to stand in long queues for daily necessities and travel long distances for some specific product? And the same generation can now buy that same product with a single click.

So what has created this radical change? It is the gift of Sir Tim Berners-Lee to mankind that has revolutionized every aspect for which we live. It is of course “the Internet.” The invention of internet has led to limitless business opportunities and people suddenly realized that making money via internet was the best option available.

One of the business models that emerged through the internet is “Pure click” model as we all know today. It is the internet business purely transacted in electronic commerce (e-commerce) environment, where this business model does not have any conventional brick-and mortar business components, where it does not require distributors, retailers before the products or services reach end customers. Transactions are carried out using a secured online system where people can use their credit cards or net banking facilities. Pros of Pure Click Model :

Consumer Convenience
Low capital needed for startup
No overhead costs for physical stores
24/7 presence worldwide
Rapid growth potential
Much wider range of products
Increasing internet penetration globally

But this is just the greener side of grass. However if we analyze it closely this business model is not the hunky-dory story. Pure click also has some fundamental flaws in its model.

Non personalized experience with the product- sense, touch, feel of the product lost •Shopping experience compromised.
Customer security is always under threat
Elder population not comfortable with the internet
In the past this model has failed severely during the Dot com bubble burst. If we take Indian perspective in this context, there are far more grave issues which...
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