Technology: Conducting and Social Media Sites

Topics: Conducting, Webcam, Videotelephony Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Please describe at least two innovations in technology that have significantly influenced business enterprise and the way it is conducted worldwide. In my opinion, the two innovations in technology that have significantly influenced business enterprise and the way it is conducted are webcams, and social media sites. Back in the day business were conducted a certain way, everyone had to be in attendance for meetings and presentations. If you had to be in another country to present or even collaborate with another business you would have to purchase expensive plane tickets, etc. Now with the use of webcams you don’t necessarily have to travel to another country to collaborate or offer insight to another company. Chatting via webcam has become a major thing now. It allows you to easily be in two places at the same time, so to speak. You can be at home tending to a sick child, and also be in attendance to an important business meeting worldwide. Major businesses now conduct meetings with foreign countries via webcam which is also a great benefit for both parties. A second innovation in technology would be the usage of social media sites for example Facebook and Twitter. With these social media sites in place it allows for businesses to promote their company and their products. Since everyone is always on the internet nowadays and no one hardly watches the news you have to go where the audience is. With allowing businesses to promote their products and services via these social websites other businesses can look and decide whether they would be interested in doing business with that company. So, social media is great for promoting and acquiring some new business colleagues.

Discuss how sociocultural, legal, and environmental forces factor into conducting business in global markets. Conducting business in global markets can be very stressful. With regards to environmental factors, the way that business conducted is very important. We now live in a society where...
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