Literature Review of Mobile Application Development for Insurance

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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The mobile services and applications value chain has gone through many changes during the past few years (1990-2012)due to the evolution of mobile devices and their capabilities. According to Chohick(2011),a platform is “a product that can be extended by a user for the benefit of other users”, and this statement can be verified by that the iphone or android as a platform played a fundamental role in the shift of developers attention to this new opportunity, as well as consumer education and awareness of the benefits of applications to ensure a viable ecosystem. As more and more community are transferred to mobile technologies, well, in truth, the number of people owning a Smartphone or a tablet and other new devices has skyrocketed over the last few years, every economic aspect is faced with a new perspective in approaching customers. In the context of software progress, hundreds of millions of mobile owners and social media, insurance companies and their respective ecosystems cannot afford to be kept out of the digital loop. From traditional and time-consuming approaches towards a new era of, touch and solve”, let’s outline the main benefits that insurance industries have to gain from adopting mobile applications and how your insurance app should look like: * superior client base by branching out to multiple mobile platforms (Android, iPhone, tablets, etc.) and cover a greater objective demographic * recommend product information

* Billing claims, policy service, payments and advice
* Providing reliability and trust by implementing high security standards for personal data and sensitive information * Increased communication between agents and clients which leads to client satisfaction and retention * Ease of access (touch and click) and good user experience generates positive brand awareness and client loyalty * Accomplish customer needs more speedily and time-efficient * Immediate support and intervention

* Upgrade transactions...
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