Corona`S Impeachment

Topics: United States, United States Constitution, Philippines Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: February 25, 2012
Renato Corona`s Impeachment Trial

What comes to your mind when you heard the word “Chief Justice”? Equal Conviction ,neutral, eloquent, reverent, brave, and most of all Judges of any court or position are expected to be one of high caliber, honest, accurate and does not attach personnel emotion to a case, isn’t it? But now what will be our reaction if the chief justice we are recognizing is in judgement? Our Chief Justice Renato Corona is in very severe issue nowadays. Because of the issue upon the grounds of Betrayal of Public Trust, Culpable Violation of the Constitution, and Graft and Corruption, that renders him absolutely unfit for the position of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. But have you ever wonder why that issue comes along when President Benigno Aquino have been elected? Corona said that President Aquino wants him impeached because he wants to appoint a Chief Justice he could hold by the neck. Corona said that the President’s quarrel with his midnight appointment is that the President was denied the opportunity to appoint a Chief Justice he could hold by the neck. What he did not say is that by being appointed Chief Justice by Arroyo despite the constitutional prohibition on midnight appointments, it was his own neck that was held by Arroyo. More than President Aquino appointing a Chief Justice he holds by the neck, which he never got to do, it is Arroyo who appointed the Chief Justice, Corona, so that she can hold him by the neck long after her term was over. Based on Renato Corona, that issue comes out just only because Pres. Aquino tried to pulled him out in the position of being Chief Justice for his hidden agenda, to become the owner of hacienda Luisita. But for me, either one of them says the truth or not, the most important is to prove that there is still justice in the Philippines.
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