A Study on Consumer Behaviour Toward Dr. Martens

Topics: Punk subculture, Skinhead, Boot Pages: 10 (3702 words) Published: January 15, 2013
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A Study on Consumer Behaviour Toward Dr. Martens
1. Introduction1
2. History of Dr. Martens2
3. Cultures and Subcultures6
3.1. Skinhead6
3.2. Punk7
3.3. Compare between UK and China9
4. Motivation and core values11
5. Conclusion15
1. Introduction
In fact, for most British people, Dr. Martens need no introduction since the brand has already become a British icon. Dr. Martens is known as a British footwear brand; however, they also make other ranges of products like clothes, bags and shoes protection. The air-cushion sole and yellow stitching is famous features of Dr. Martens shoes. (Employment Wikipedia, 2012)

For so many years, Dr. Martens has linked with youth subculture, Brit-pop and rock music. Thus, Dr. Martens is no longer a fashion brand. It has become an essential element in the different lifestyle.

This report will divide into two main parts. First is the discussion about the subculture involved with Dr. Martens in UK and China and compare the marketing activities in those two countries. Second part will tend to find out the motivation and core value of UK customers toward Dr. Martens, then tries to in depth to understand its influence on the marketing activities of Dr. Martens. In order to narrow the scope of this report, the analyze of the first part will focus on China market, and the second part will focus on UK market

Origin of Dr. Martens (Streething, 2012)

2. History of Dr. Martens
The origin of Dr. Martens can trace back to 1945 during The World War II, when a German army doctor Klaus Märtens injured his ankle, and he could not wear his army boot because it was terribly uncomfortable. In order to recovered from injury, he decided to remade his army boot with more soft leather and tyres. After the war, Märtens started to produce his first pair of shoes with leather which took from a local shop and air-cushioned soles. (Employment Wikipedia, 2012)

At first, Märtens's shoes did not selling very well until he met his old friend Dr. Herbert Funck in Munich 1947, Frank liked the shoes design very much, and they started to plan business on this shoes in Germany. With the comfortable wearing experience, the shoes were becoming immensely popular among the German housewives. (Employment Wikipedia, 2012)

With the company growth, Frank and Märtens considered pushing the shoes into the international market. Not long after a footwear manufacturer from England called R. Griggs Group Ltd. bought the right to produce Dr. Märtens products in UK. To adjust the local market, they changed the brand name to Dr. Martens, redesigned the heel to feet British customer, and used yellow welt stitch on the shoes. They also further developed the sole of the shoes by adding the two-toned design. Then created a logo for the distinctive Air-cushioned soles----- AirWair.

AirWair Logo (Logo Database, 2012)
On 1 April 1960, the product line at the Grigg's factory had produced their first Dr. Martens boot, which named by the date of its produce, 1460. This classic eight holes boots in wine red color is still the best-selling product of Dr. Martens. (Roach, 2003) After it rolled off, Dr. Martens 1460 linked the brand to several culture elements and subculture groups.

Dr. Martens 1460 (GF1,2012)
For the first few years after Dr. Martens launched in England; their product were treated as working men's boots such as postmen and police. The situation changed until 1966, when a British rock music guitarist named Pete Townshend became popular in England. Townshend always wore Dr. Martens boots and then made them fashionable, he said Dr. Martens boot were more suitable for his style than other shoes. With the air-cushioned soles, he could easily jump around on stage while playing the guitar, and it could remind him of the working class in which he had grown up. ( Manzoor, 2010) From that time Dr. Martens boot started...
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