A Study of Tourism in Thailand

Topics: Marketing, Tourism, Thailand Pages: 73 (21358 words) Published: June 27, 2011
Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Introduction
This dissertation is about small to medium sized hotels businesses in Thailand. It will investigate their use of events as a marketing tool. The study conducted online surveys by selected hundred hotels from the travel trade show in Thailand, 2010. Moreover, two selected hotels are interviewed by telephone and through telephone the results will be analysesis and compared asinto two case studies. The findings of the two different methods will be analysed in order to compareison the use of events as a marketing tool. Furthermore, limitations of this study and recommendations for future research will be given at the end of the project.

Events marketing is one of the marketing tools that the Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT) used to encouraged domestic tourism to travel within Thailand. Due toRegarding to the global financial crisis, health crises and domestic problems, the foreign tourism in Thailand has decreased 4.24% (Department of tourism report, 2005-2010). In terms of developing tourism’s contribution to the in economy, TAT has launched a campaign and co-operated with partners to stimulate domestic and international tourism to travel in Thailand, for example Pattaya International music festival (TAT Release, 2010).

However, to use events as a marketing tool is a the new concept that TAT is using to attempts to promote and develop the tourism industry with new markets as well as domestically travel for Thais (Policy and marketing plan). To engage with domestic tourism TAT attempts to be a host of a travel trade show at least twice a year, which to promotes to travel in Thailand (Policy, 2007-2010). Finally, not only TAT considers the importance of domestic tourism, but there are a number of majority of private company who havehas participated to promote the Thai discovery of Thailand in various activities as well.

With rRegardsing to the marketing events as marketing that TAT used to promote the domestic tourism, the author chose study in only one area, the as travel trade show. However, a large number of hospitality properties have been participated in the travel trade show each time with many different expectations. In the hospitality industry, events marketing hasve transformed original marketing tools into a new level of communication that could support, for example, the reduction of costs, two way communications and the spread of more information. These are the main reasons that challenged the author to investigate the impact of events marketing on the hospitality industry in Thailand.

In terms of choosing athe suitable subject, the author decided to focus on the events marketing area. This is a familiar subject as it wasis the major of author’s master degree atduring the time this project beganto start this project. Moreover, events marketing is a new marketing tool that TAT usesattempts to promote the tourism industry in Thailand. The study focuses on only the hospitality industry in Thailand because this is the only one area that wasdid not have aeffected byfrom the economic crisis offrom the last decade. However, the author also had direct experiences during Thailand’s had hard times which arose from global and domestic crises. Because ofThus the difficult times in Thailand, the author also had thes chance to participate ind travel trade show. It was a challenge for the author to determinethat why the hotel managements thinks travel trade shows can improve their businesses during theseis hard times. The author also wanted to investigate or what else that they expected to gain from the events. However, the author was also interested in the benefits of events marketing in terms of that what can be delivered to the businesses in return. The author also would like to find out whether or notthat does events marketing is the best wayuse to promote tourism in Thailand or not.

Regarding to Thailand , it is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The...
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