A Sample of Phenomenological Paper

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  • Published : August 15, 2012
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My Thrifty Girlfriend: A Phenomenological Paper

I have a girlfriend who has been my blockmate for almost four years. We’ve been together for three months now. I can say that her family belongs to upper-middle class—her father is working for the United Nations, earning USD8000 per month and her mother works as a tutor for toddlers. She was actually my close friend before we dated. Before we became couple last April, I actually observed (and from her friends’ stories) that she was really really ‘thrifty’ with her money. Her friends would usually tease her because she would usually opt to eat her own baon whenever they eat in restaurants in Katipunan instead of ordering food. I also got irritated with her once because of her complaints about our Php 50.00 group contribution for a project. Now that we’re together, I have known her more.

I was okay with her at first. However, when we started the ‘real’ thing—that is when we started dating, going to places, eating in restaurants—we started to fight over her ‘being practical’ attitude. I started to notice how insensitive she gets whenever I start complaining how hungry I am. I have noticed how she rants about her budget every time she withdraws some cash for something irrelevant. She also has this rule wherein we will pay for our own expenses every time we go out—no exceptions. She doesn’t want to lend anyone some money whatever the situation is. She would often insist taking the long way or regular commute rather thatn taking a cab even if it’s raining. One day, she told me that she needed to update her wardrobe and asked me to go with her to buy some clothes in Divi. We spent half-day running and searching every stall there. We didn’t eat anything aside from five pieces of fishballs we bought in a foodcart outside the mall. After that, she still didn’t invite me to eat something; instead, we did her grocery at about 9pm which was about an hour of walking and pushing a cart. I accused her of being insensitive to...
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