Persuasive Essay on Meddling Mother in Laws

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Mother Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Persuasive Essay
By: Alisha Giles

Most couples are happy with the life they are building or have built together. However, there are some who has to deal with the meddling mother –in-law. Some are at a total loss on how to deal with the issue and it can ruin even the strongest marriage. So dealing or finding ways to handle this meddling situation before it gets out of hand is a very good plan. Families are the joining of two separate families that were united in marriage which includes in-laws on both sides. There are times when a mother-in-law feels left out of the loop and does everything to be included in some way. Most of the time, the meddling becomes very annoying to extremely nasty at times. There are ways to deal or cope with the meddling in the beginning before it drives the couple apart. A few ways to help with the meddling can involve just suffering in silence, put on a smile and hope it ends soon. Another way would be to ask for her advice. Yes it may seem to be defeating the purpose but if you can get advice on parenting issues, just maybe it will lessen the likelihood of her getting involved in some areas of your life. Sometimes even just asking her for her cooking advice or just her recipes can help. Try making one of her dinners one night a week and invite her over for dinner so she can help cook. A different alternative to even the playing field would be to “kill her with kindness” and with every jab she took just give a big smile, compliment, or a nice deed. This will only annoy her way more than going to her level and fighting over the issue. Some mother-in-laws really only want to be a part of your family life by being included in family outings, birthday parties, or even attending a few school functions for the grandkids. Having the grandkids invite her to grandparents day at school and or to the school plays with help her adjust to being a grandmother and not a full-time mother anymore. Invited the mother-in-law over for dinner on...
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