Philosophy Paper

Topics: Left-wing politics, French Revolution, Windows 7 Pages: 4 (714 words) Published: May 13, 2013
You’ll need these FREE! programs.
1. Easy Macro Recorder -<ype=dl_dlnow&pid=12321492&mfgId=6197008&merId=6197008&pguid=TxgaKAoOYI0AAAwQUuwAAACo&

2. doPDF -

3. PDF Split & Merge -

4. The windows calculator

5. And the Vitalsource bookshelf.

a. Install the software (be sure to set doPDF as your default printer) b. Open Vitasource bookshelf
c. Open “YOUR” book.
d. Open Windows Calculator
e. Minimize the main vital source window and resize the book view so you can fit the calculator on the screen too

f. Change the view, under view on the menu bar, to facing pages view.

g. You should only see the front cover “1 page”

h. Open Easy Macro Recorder (EMR), the program icon will be on the system tray “lower right corner by clock”.

i. Right click the EMR icon, go to options and set the loop to however many pages you have divided by 2 and add 10 just to be sure.

j. Set the macro speed to fast, or very fast if you have a good comp. k. Now we are almost ready to record the macro.
l. Print the first 3 pages manually so you know the movements for the macro.

m. Select file/print…. Set the first page range (from: [a] to: [a]) ((Don’t try to change the page numbers beyond 2 because it won’t let you.))

n. Click continue.

o. Should see the printer selection menu with doPDF as printer.

p. Press OK
q. doPDF save file opens.

r. Press “ 0 + 1 =” on the calculator and go to edit/copy s. Go to the end of the file name but before the .pdf and left click then right click...
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