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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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The Research Paper

English Composition 101

B. Sherringham

Spring 2013

You will write an argumentative research paper on one of the topics below:

Science, Technology, Sexuality and Relationships ( divorce, marriage equality, etc.), The Media, Gender, Consumerism, The Economy, The Environment, Politics and Government, Religion, Immigration, and The Work Force

The research paper should conform to the following criteria:

• 6 – 8 typed pages

• Double Spaced

• one-inch margins

• 12 pt. font (Times New Roman preferred)

• 4 or more scholarly sources

• Argumentative thesis statement with three key points.

• Formal Outline with Roman Numerals

• MLA citations

• MLA pagination

• Counterargument

• Works Cited Page

• Revised and edited first draft

• Final Copy


Step 1: Think of an issue that you would like to learn more about within the topic.

Step 2: Write a thesis statement with three key points that you will argue. Remember: The thesis must be argumentative and debatable. You must take a position on the topic rather than provide topical information.

Step 3: Use the library database to ascertain the amount of information you can gather for your topic before you commit to a topic.

Step 4: Accumulate information that will help you to prove your thesis.

Step 5: Prepare a prewriting outline. The outline should contain Roman Numerals and sub-topics.

Step 6: Use your formal outline and your research notes to write the first draft. Remember the following points:

a) Use 4 – 6 scholarly sources from the college library database.

b) Internet sources and Wikipedia sources are prohibited.

c) You may use .org and .gov sources.

d) Include a counterargument after the introductory paragraph, in which you bridge, concede, or refute.

e) Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence.

f) Use a transition...