A Quantitative Article Critique

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  • Published : April 4, 2011
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A Quantitative Article Critique

1. The study examine the relationship between the emotional social intelligence and academic performance of adolescent mother in Jamaica; the research focal points are as follows I. Socio-emotional interventions that could be beneficial to a cross section of adolescent mothers. II. The study examines the academic performance of teenage mothers by comparison of average to high levels of ESI to those with low levels of ESI. III. The research finding suggest the need for interventions that seeks to directly foster the development of the emotional and social competencies of teenage mothers in several way: a) enhancing their targeted academic performance; b) strengthen their overall ability to translate their in service experience into opportunities for personal growth; and c) improving their chances for overall success in life. IV. Finally the research looks at the possible implication for such inclusion of interventions: a) promote healthy sexual and reproductive behavior among youths; b)reduce or eliminate the incidence of teenage pregnancy and c) challenge stereotype and stigma

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Introduction & Overview of Critique

It is rather ironic that we talk so much about teenage pregnancy and consequently the socio emotional and academic impact it has on our adolescent mother; yet we see the slight concentration that goes in this area of study. This article is one of the few that examine such phenomena in the Jamaican Context as our current realities calls for such research focusing on at risk youth and possible remedies or interventions; for this reason I find the study to be very much relevant to our social realities. Thereby where it concerns the relationship between education, sex and education, parenthood, and of intervention by means of program revision and adaption of policy to address and prevent these issues all of which the study examines.

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