Teenage Mothers a Vulnerable Population

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Teenage Mothers a Vulnerable Population
Joy Carr
April 24, 2011
Maria Mendez

Teenage Mothers a Vulnerable Population

Teenage Mothers, a Vulnerable Population
While there are a number of vulnerable populations in the world, very few receive the publicity, funding, and assistance that they need to survive in today’s society. There is a vast amount of media coverage on the elderly population and homeless children. However, most vulnerable populations are not recognized and assisted due to personal biases or a lack of education regarding their situations. Teenage mothers are one such vulnerable population. The general public is usually biased against teenage mothers and feels that they are responsible for their situation. Because of this belief, they are often shunned by society and thought to be uneducated and promiscuous. In fact, most teen mothers become pregnant due to a lack of education about sex and contraception, particularly within their home environment. “Too often the problem can be traced to the failure of society’s adults to take responsibility for the safety of its children.” (Stepp, 2008)

Prior to researching this vulnerable population, I had mixed views of teenage mothers. I often felt what much of society does; that these girls got themselves into this situation and it is now their responsibility to deal with the consequences. I generalized and stereotyped them as being uneducated and from lower class families. Teenage mothers, in my mind, were the result of their own parents not being around or caring what their children were doing. Girls that became pregnant at such a young age, I believed, were irresponsible and grew up knowing nothing but a welfare lifestyle that they would continue to live in generation after generation.

After researching this vulnerable population, I realized that I, like the majority of our society, stereotyped teenage mothers. I was unfair to them and never gave them a chance to tell their story. I...
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