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  • Published : October 13, 2011
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A narrative report on preparation of research proposal in “Level of Awareness of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Tourism Management students of different program of the City Government of Calapan City” At first to preparing the research proposal my group was having a discussion about in their problem. I was heard what I can do the work to make it better .then, after that I have received the part of my work in my research proposal. And I went to the library to ask the book references of masteral thesis as a guide to make a simple research proposal. Then I was photocopy it as my copy. After that I read it what have written . I just take note of this ideas what can think about my chapter .And I felt in working this proposal I was so glad and nervous what I work.it should have happy in a successful work. And I want to think something to but I don’t know were and when I start to make a research proposal to make a better. As a researcher I just want thing to do it make a successful. And I just to thank our professor in tourism research method and techniques, my beloved Sonia Arenillo, Ph.D. To teach us the lesson that I have learned, to have support to guide what have doing in this class. And during his presentation of the research proposal , it is a time to present their work .This time I was happy to felt something to easily whenever how to makes better . I want to thanks the god to give us blessings that I gave us ,their needs to come up their job. There was a something to do in doing a research it is a part to complete their duties and responsibilities in studying.
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