A Moment of Glory

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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Life is the summation of many single moments. Some moments give happiness, some give sadness and some moments give us such a glory that we want to recall those moments whenever we get some times. I can yet remember the day when such a glorious moment came to my life. That time I was in seven standards. I was learning painting as it was my passion. One day, I got to know from our art teacher that ‘Standard Chartered Bank’ was going to organize an art competition all around the country. Our teacher encouraged us and emphasized on our participation in the competition. I was so much excited as I got an opportunity to show my talent. According to the competition’s requirement I made three paintings on the given topic ‘Your Dream House’ and submitted that at the scheduled date. Though I knew that the result would be published one month later, I kept looking for the result online everyday. Finally the day of publishing the result came and I went to the bank to know the result. But from there I got to know that the result had already been published and the winners had got the confirmation letters. I got tensed as I didn’t get such kind of letters and couldn’t accept the fact. I went back home with nothing. Next morning I got a letter above which my name was written. The letter was from the bank. Shivering extremely I opened the letter. In the letter it was written that best 25 painters had been chosen and among them I stood 5th. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My happiness knew no bounds. My mom was so happy that she couldn’t control her tears. That was the most glorious moment of my life which gave me an immense pleasure.