Leadership Development

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Part I. What have been my pathways to leadership?

The importance of being a leader is especially important at the moment as the rapidly changing environment is putting a lot of pressure on the companies in terms of their ability to adapt constantly to new circumstances. Obviously, in order to take efficient and quick decisions within the company, managers should not only poses knowledge and experience, but leadership qualities too, because only leaders are able to lead people, persuade them and attract attention to the most relevant aspects. That is why it’s also important for me, as a future manager, to develop myself as a leader. Leadership is not only ability to lead other people but also to govern your own life. That is why I would like to start this essay on leadership development from speaking about my background, previous experience that influenced my leadership style. Here I will rely on the "theory of traits of a leader" (Kirkpatrick & Locke, 1991; Yukl, 2010) while describing the sequence of my failures and achievements over the period of the life that pretty comprehensively illustrate the strong sides of my personality in terms of leadership and the pitfalls. My school life began rather early, that is why I wasn’t prepared for the majority of the tasks I was to accomplish and it took me a while to accommodate to the circumstances but nevertheless I was capable to accept the rules I had to follow and I possessed enough of the discipline and diligence even in childhood which helped me to become one of the best in the class. The same characteristics of my personality gave me opportunity to receive the Silver medal for the excellent grades upon finishing the school as well as obtaining the second place in the city Olympiad in literature, that still makes me sorry as didn’t manage to get the first one mostly due to particular carelessness in writing of compositions, and surely entering to the university. The first year of the university was a kind of shock for me as was thrown to the unknown environment and I had to get acquainted with the new laws of existence and the lack of experience in relationships with people made me rather hesitant and uncertain. However I was open for everything new and curious about not only the subjects I was to study. In order to contribute to the governing of the university from the part of the student society I participated in the activity of the Student Council and owing to the ability to listen to other people’s opinions while expressing my own point of view I was capable of being a valuable member of the team. Though sometimes it took me a long time to think over all the pros and cons in order to make up my mind according to this or that question because I’m not prone to draw hasty conclusions. Another aspect of my leadership qualities such as self-confidence and personal integrity helped me to take the best from my internship. Due to rather easy-going personality it wasn’t hard for me to communicate with the new colleagues in the office of the subsidiary of the Bank Jugra in Saint-Petersburg and thus I was able to obtain as much of really valuable experience as it was possible while consulting with the members of the team according to the questions connected with my direct responsibilities and their functions. Also I wasn’t afraid to ask question if I didn’t understand some aspects of the functioning of the bank and was straightforward in requiring information which was particularly necessary for my research work based on the experience obtained during the internship. Sociability an d moderate assertiveness also contributed to the establishment of positive relationships with the company management and the director of the subsidiary took the initiative to write a letter of recommendation for me when I mentioned that I’m going to continue my education by entering an MA course.

Part II. Who am I and what do I care about as a leader?

In this part of the assignment I...
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