Glory Enough for All

Topics: Insulin, Medicine, Frederick Banting Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Response to Glory Enough For All:

The movie” Glory Enough for All” tells the story of Frederick Banting and his colleague Charles Best as they work tirelessly to discover a cure for Diabetes. I found the movie to be interesting and educational. Overall, it was very informative and showed what hard work and determination can do to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from potentially fatal illnesses.

The first thing that I noticed in the film was the sanitary conditions of the laboratories and surgical facilities. Dr. Banting habitually smokes throughout the entire film, yet complains about the unsanitary conditions affecting his work. Knowing what I know now about proper sterilization, I found the opportunity for medical advancement in these primitive conditions very fascinating.

The idea for the creation of insulin started off simple enough, and through trial; and error, success was achieved. It was good to see that there were several negative results. Determination and repetition proved key in discovering a way for those suffering from diabetes to live long and relatively healthy lives. Although the movie portrayed Dr. Banting’s motivation as purely professional and a means to achieve fame and glory, his work proved to be critical to medical advancement. He was not doing his research to help people, but to help himself. Regardless of his reasoning, his contribution had the effect of helping people. Throughout the film, Dr. Banting was portrayed as being selfish, callous, and single-minded. While these characteristics are not very flattering in general, they do provide the type of personality who can achieve something great for mankind as an afterthought to his own self interest.

I also liked the fact that the film portrayed the cut-throat manner in which people attempt to achieve fame. The constant battle over credit for what was clearly a group collaboration added a good amount of tension to the film. The hierarchy in the field of...
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