A Love Story with a Bittersweet Ending

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Broken Promise
Not all love stories have their happy endings!
One day, there was a girl named Natalia who loved someone far away from her. She loved Ken so much. Their relationship was like a roller-coaster ride. They didn’t see each other always. Days have passed and Natalia met a new guy.  

It was on June 2009, classes started. Natalia went to school and they had a new classmate who transfered to their school. The guy named Nathan came from a far place. When Nathan first saw Natalia, he admired her so much. The girl caught his attention.  

At first, the girl didn’t notice the guy because she loved Ken on that time. Nathan didn’t have the courage to tell Natalia about his feelings for her because he was afraid to be rejected. He knew that Natalia loved someone else.  

Fate gave them the chance to know each other. Nathan and Natalia were asked to report in their Values Education class. That was the time Natalia talk to Nathan about their report. She noticed that Nathan couldn’t look directly to her eyes for unknown reason. She didn’t know that Nathan liked her.  

Rumors and curiosity about the girl whom Nathan’s like came out. Everyone got curious and also Natalia. One night, Natalia and Nathan chatted. Natalia asked him about his crush. She found out that it was her. And from that moment, they became friends. Their friendship grew strong and it seemed nothing would go wrong. But, something happened between them. They didn’t talk for a month. Natalia felt a strange feeling. A feeling that she couldn’t explain.  

After a month of no talks, they were okay again. It was in November when Natalia was all alone. She needed someone to be by her side and Nathan came to comfort her. That’s the time when Natalia started falling in love with Nathan. But what about Ken, Natalia had to decide whether she would choose Ken or Nathan. Natalia chose Nathan because she believed Nathan loved her so much that he would not do such...
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