What Is Life Like in Ireland for “Eveline” and the Boy in “Araby”? Think About Their Class/Social Position. Think About How the People Around Them Treat Them. Think About Their Frustrations and Their Dreams and Possible

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  • Published : July 14, 2011
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What is life like in Ireland for “Eveline” and the boy in “Araby”? Think about their class/social position. Think about how the people around them treat them. Think about their frustrations and their dreams and possible futures.

"Eveline" and "Araby," two young kids struggle with their life.

Eveline is living in Ireland with her abusive father. Her father has been like that for a long

time. Eveline had to deal with her parents fighting. After her mother’s death it seemed to get worse.

She spent most of her time at home cooking, cleaning and sitting at her window thinking about her

past childhood. Trying to remember memories with her family and mother before she passed away.

Eveline wants to free herself but can't find the will to do it. She's in love with a boy. Eveline and her

lover decided to leave together, but she leaves him behind because she is scared. She always dreamed

to get away but when it came time to. It was to late.

In the story "Araby" a young boy is telling the story of where he is living. His family just

recently moved into a house, where a priest died before they moved in. He recalls his memories

playing in the street with his friends and how they would try to avoid people in their neighborhood.

He fears that he will never be able to express himself or talk to a girl because of Mangon's sister.

During school classes he has a hard time concentracing. He is having dinner with his uncle and is

waiting for Mangon's sister to arrive, but she doesn't. He's gets mad of how is treated.

In conclusion, Eveline and the boy in "Araby" are going through some troubles with holding

on to their past. They try to overcome it, but its difficult when they don't have support from the

people around them.
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