Vaclav and Lena Essay

Topics: Magic, Magician, Doug Henning Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: May 2, 2013
September 18, 2012
Ms. Repass
Nianci Li
Make a claim about the role of the theme of magic in the text

Magic of Love
Vaclav & Lena tells a magical love story between two young protagonists Vaclav and Lena who come across each other by destiny. Acquainted at nine, they practiced magic everyday hand in glove. Vaclav imagined his fairytale life with Lena, a resolution rather than wishful-thinking, but one day his lovely assistant Lena disappeared without saying goodbye. However, the magical power that Haley Tanner bestowed on Vaclav is more than a manifestation from his hands and wand, but an unwavering faith for Lena; therefore it overcomes obstacles, reunites the two teenagers, and continues their beautiful fairy tale. Vaclav’s obsession with magic indicates his dependence on Lena. Working on the magic show, a routine for the two youngsters, Vaclav and Lena spend a great amount of time together. It is clear that “there is no assistant without magician” and vise versa, and both know no magic show can proceed with the absence of either one (Tanner 7). Such an exclusive role Vaclav and Lena play allows a tacit understanding and cooperation to be formed between two; no matter if it is the physical interactions during the performance or the daily conversation outside the show. For instance, when Vaclav couldn’t think of the very thing for a magician to wear besides his outfit, it was Lena who bore her grievance and murmured a “glove” in spite of her “Russian L and O, rumbly V, and the E just the tiny bit of air exiting her mouth, with the S barely hanging”, Vaclav knew exactly what she meant (Tanner 70). That is why Vaclav believes his lovely assistant cannot be replaced since Lena is the only one who can complement his dream--his magic show, as if she is the very missing piece of a broken circle. Hence whenever in Lena’s presence, Vaclav felt satisfied and secure because the magic show would go on smoothly as expected. On the other hand, where there...
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