Step Up 3 Synopsis

Topics: Dance Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: February 28, 2013
The story begins as Robert “Moose” Alexander III who is a student in the New York University, majoring in Electrical Engineering, together with his best friend Camille Gage, promised his dad that he will not dance anymore. As they were busy touring around the university, Moose noticed a pair of Nike Dunks wore by a guy named Luke. He got fascinated with the shoes and followed the guy who was wearing it, but accidentally, he got involved into a street dance battle where he defeated a member of the “House of Samurai”. His astonishing and breath-taking dance moves caught Luke’s attention and think that Moose might be the one who will complete the group in competing in the World Jam, so Luke offered him to join their group – The House of Pirates. To convince him more, Luke brought Moose to their place, a warehouse converted into a dancing arena where the crews practice and show their individual skills. Moose got amazed with the facilities as well as the crews that made him decide to join the group. Luke is very eager to win the competition, knowing that the prize that they will get might support their finances in paying the mortgage of the warehouse that is subjected to public auction.

In the dance club, Luke met a girl named Natalie and he wants her to be part of the group. As time went by, they become closer and intimate with each other. But Natalie has been hiding his true identity that she was a sister of one of the House of Samurai’s member Julien and her motive was to bring the Pirates down. She got confused with what she really feels for Luke and fighting for what her motive is.

On the other side, Moose finds it hard to manage his studies and their dance rehearsals. Most of the time, he ditched his class just to make sure that he’ll not going to miss their practices. This also affected his relationship with his long-time best friend. In one of the events, Julien revealed the identity of his sister to Luke and he got angry. He went...
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