A Good Colleague

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Sevim Ece KIRAÇ

A GOOD COLLEAGUE We spend more time with our colleagues during weekdays than we do with our family. Therefore, it is important for our co-workers be the people we can get along with. Good colleagues share some characteristics. Colleague who want to be a good colleague should be friendly and responsible. The first significant characteristic of a good colleague is being friendly. Firstly, if you want to be a good colleague, you should care about your colleagues. Because it’s important for them. For example, when your colleague looks sad, you talk with him about his problem. Secondly, you should connect to your colleagues and have a good time with them. For instance, you can go to cinema or match with them or you should invite to your birthday party. Probably, they like this situation. Lastly, you should be talkative because people don’t like shy person. If you can be talkative, they will like you. To illustrate, if you are shy person that’s why you can’t join their friendship, you will be sad. Accordaingly, if you want to be friend with them, you must be talkative. You should join them easily. To sum up, if you want to be a good co-worker, you should be friendly everytime. The second significant characteristic of a good colleague is being responsible. Primarily, if you want to be a good colleague, you should try to be open-minded. Because people want to get respect from their ideas. For example, imagine that; you are a boss in an international company and in a meeting now. You should let other people add to new ideas. By this way, they can realize that you fell responsible to them....
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