A Debate

Topics: City, Town, Water Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Sometime you may be think, the city life is better than village life. However there are so many advantages in city life. Actually the city life is more comfortable. As well as there are more opportunities for people to progress in their lives. There are a lot of facilities for people in the city and they have more opportunities for making money. Children living in the city can get a good education, because there are better schools in the town than in the village. When a person falls ill there are good government and private hospitals in the city to get treatment. There are large shop complexions, banks, offices, theaters, hostels, clubs, hospitals etc. in and around the city. People in the city have better transport facilities than the village. There is electricity, highway, communication, telecommunication, plumb facilities in the city. So people can lead a comfortable and enjoyable life in the city. Although living in the city has many advantages.

1. People easily adapt themselves to city life; noise, traffic, etc. are hardly noticed. 2. There are many reasons why city life is preferable: there are more places for entertainment. 3. It is good to be near one's friends and never cut off by weather conditions. 4. Life is never dull; there is always something to do.

5. There are better schools and services in big cities.
6. There are more chances for employment. There is a greater range of jobs and the pay is higher. 7. There is more opportunity to succeed in life.
8. There is more opportunity to meet a variety of interesting people. 9. Living standards are higher in cities
10. It is easier to earn more money.
11. The educational level is higher; it is a better place for children. 12. The teachers in the schools are better.
13. There is more choice of schools.
14. The shopping has a wider variety and prices are better. Although the life in the city is more...
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