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Living in a small town / big city
There are some differences between life in small town and life in the big city. Firstly, the environment in a small town is better than in the big city. In the big city, it is noisier than small city where it is usually quiet and peaceful. Secondly, big city has a very high number of all kinds of vehicles in the street, which often causes severe traffic jam. On the other hand, the street in a small town is much less crowded. Thirdly, life in a small town is more exciting than life in the big city, mostly due to the difference in size of the two societies. People in small town are much closer to each other. They have a closer relationship among themselves than those living in a big city. There are also significant differences in the lifestyle between the two areas. The big city is probably more recreation facilities than small town. It has many places for enjoyment and plays, yet you can’t find these large places for entertainment in a small city. However, small town has the advantages that you can’t find it in the big city. The smallest city surrounded by natural exciting green farms and gardens. This gives more fresh air than places where there are no such green plants. Finally, in a big city there are more job opportunities due to the large number of companies and industries. On the other hand, small city has very limited job opportunities, compared with big city.
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